Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The real me

So this is what you get when you ask your mother to take a picture for you:
A blurry and akward picture where you're most obviously giving attitude. Let me introduce you to the real me.

We were taking a couple pictures to put with my resume but it did not go well. She has very little patience...which I have very little patience for. The photo sesh was kaiboshed. I believe we will just send the resume out and see how that goes. My stepdad knows someone who works at The Weather Network and is in desperate need of some part time writers (hey...that's me!). I hope this works out. A good gig would really take some stress off my end of year woes...and probably add some to my current work load but c'est la vie.

In other news: I am officially writing for the school paper! I applied again when they were asking for volunteers and I guess I did it right this time because they emailed me back! Woohoo! Awesome resume addition + great experience. I'm pretty dang nervous to see what my first assignment will be. I'm sure it will be sometime I'm very uncomfortable with and will force me out of my shell (I'm not too good with strangers...I'm basically 4 years old). We will see kids. We will see.

Most importantly: this is what I did last night:

Well kids, I've got a busy night ahead of me! I have to work until 9 and then go home and put the finishing touches on my presentation for tomorrow and write a short essay proposal. Must focus.

Bye for now.


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