Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

First, let me begin by showing you this sweet picture of Dr. Frank-N-Furter looking like a total badass:
Don't dream it kids, be it.'s what I did at the office today:
This...makes no sense. My mom and stepdad have realllyyy jumped the gun on this one. They are seriously making us play xmas music at the reception desk starting tomorrow. They are not giving Halloween the appreciation it deserves. In protest of this I played Halloween music the entire time I put up this damn tree. Monster Mash anyone?

Luckily I'm still in the spirit today:
That's right Halloween, I would never let you down! This shirt reminds me a lot of Pugsly and therefore I really think I should convince Jordan to be Pugsly next year so I can be Wednesday. That girl totally rocks a peter pan collar. I'll probably be Wednesday even if he wont be Pugsly. Hopefully my hair is still black next Halloween! Speaking of, I dyed my hair last night (some brown was coming out to play) and it's the most perfect Halloween shade of black. What good timing I have!

Enjoy your candy my friends!


Obsessing over: Halloween. It's my favourite holiday and it's today! Why is it so great? 1)you can dress up however you want! You can be glamorous, silly, scary! Sometimes it's fun just to ham it up for a while. 2) Usually there's some drinking involved and you get to see your friends. 3) CANDY! And finally 4) No gifts! I know this sounds so weird but I hate birthdays because I find it really akward to get gifts when you do nothing for anyone in return. Seriously, all that attention gives me anxiety. It's weird and it's something I've developed over the years. Christmas is good because I'm not the only one getting gifts but it also is a serious bank breaker. THAT is why Halloween is so great. No stress, just fun! Scary movies, fun constumes, delicious treats. It's just the best.

Working on: what else but school work!? I have to do a quiz tonight and a paper tomorrow and then I'm home free! I was incredibly productive yesterday...I even surprised myself but it was the kind of productive that can only be accomplished when you've set aside the ENTIRE day to read and relax. I wish I could get a lot done on days when I can actually make time to see people but if I want to be productive apparently I need a whole day and a lot of breaks.

Thinking about:  Montreal. OH BOY I am very excited. I just love a little advernture. Road trips are so fun and Montreal always gives me a little feeling like we're in Europe. All I can hope is that I don't spend too much money this weekend but no promises.

Feeling: a wee bit bummed because Halloween just isn't the same this year. What kind of holiday falls on a Wednesday? It's really screwed me up. I also have class until 8:30 tonight so that kind of takes all the fun out of the night and I'm not dressing up because...there's no point. How unfortunate. I must make it a point to put on Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight. Something has to happen to ring in this holiday.

Wishing for: everyone who has been effected by Hurricane Sandy to be brought some good luck during this hard time. I know I complain a lot on this blog (I really should tone it down) but I just try to share how I'm feeling and what my mind set is each day but I need to remember that my insignificant little problems about school and lack of sleep are nothing compared to what others are going through. Everyone who has been effected by the Hurricane is in my thoughts and prayers and I hope everyone can use this as a lesson of what we should be thankful for. I know I will.

Happy Halloween!!!!


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fireplaces, Happy Days and Proposals to Jared Leto

Hello gals and pals. Today I am having a wonderfully relaxed day off. My grumpy mood persisted all through yesterday. I just couldn't shake it. It was definitely due to a lack of sleep because after I took a little nap I felt a bit better and now that I'm fully rested today I am my happy self again. Hooray for getting out of that funk.

The picture above is my view today. My mom finally got sick of hearing me complain about the fact that it is WAY too cold in the basement and she got me this fireplace. Apparently it belongs to the apartment though so I have to leave it here when I move out...hopefully within the next year. Cross your fingers for freedom 2013 people!

All day I've been cuddled on the couch getting my readings done and watching Lord of War for 30 minute periods. This is what counts as a break. Mostly I decided to watch it because I have the world's biggest crush on Jared Leto. What a beautiful man! His blue eyes and brown hair are what do it to me. *Jared if you happen to randomly come across this by some act of fate...marry me!!*

Proposals aside, it's been a good day. I'm just a busy bee trying to get all my readings done and what not before Montreal this weekend. So much excitement.

Hope Tuesday is a grump-free day for y'all!


Monday, 29 October 2012

Weekend Update

There needs to be more days in the weekend, that's all I have to say!

Friday night I went out for dinner with my mom and stepdad and then spent the rest of the night watching It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia season 7 with Jordan. This is our favourite show of all time. Funniest thing ever made. We are obsessed.

Saturday was spent making Red Velvet brownies with my mom and cleaning my apartment. Erika and I went to Robin's hockey game at night. He was actually on the ice this time!! It's his first year on the team so he usually gets benched, even though he's really good, so we were there to cheer him on for his first game playing this season. They lost :( but it was fun and we got frozen yogurt after. MMM. Basically just get it for all the toppings. Mine was pumpkin flavoured...can you say amazing? Yeah. After that Erika went home and Robin and I went to Jordan's because he had a couple people over. In his drunken stupour Jordan felt the need to put his costume on, since it doesn't seem we will be dressing up this year. He even shaved his beard into mutton chops...shameless. This is his girl-with-her-mother's-alcohol/duck-face pose. Pretty bang-on.

Yesterday I went to church with my sister. I enjoyed the service. Really got me thinking. Sometimes I don't like her church because the pastor can get a little too conservative for my tastes but I've learned to look past that. Best of all, Amanda's belly is getting so big!! I'm dying for the day when I can feel him kick! After that Jordan and I worked out and then awaited this weeks episode of The Walking Dead. Good Sunday!

This morning I am a grumpy gus. I'm very tired, my mom and stepdad are driving me INSANE lately and this rain is expected to hold up into the weekend. No one come near me, I'm a little crazy this morning. Hopefully I can try to thaw my icey demeanour by lunch, no promises though.


Secret of the Week

I love this secret because it seems like whoever wrote this was finally having all their dreams come true and it really scared them. I may have just gotten that from Paris in the backround. I assume everyone loves it as much as I do! I relate to it because I'm graduating this year and even though I want to get out of school so bad it's a terrifying idea that I'll cross some imaginary finish line and immediately be in the adult world. Scary thought.


Friday, 26 October 2012

I Need to Make This

So I was reading A Beautiful Mess this week (as I always do) and came across this beauty:

I think it's the greatest thing I've ever seen 1) because it's just beautiful and 2) because I can actually make it (well Jordan can help me make it).

It's got such a vintage and lofty feel. It's just what I've been needing for next to my desk in my apartment and even though I can paint mine whatever colour I want, I'm really digging the olive green.

Jordan says it looks cheap but this is coming from a boy who still has a border in his room with skateboarders on it. I take nothing he says about decorating seriously. Sorry pal! One day I'm sure he'll have a beautiful home because he loves old and well-made things but until then he will be the guy who sleeps on a single bed (I seriously cannot get over this fact, I tell him all the time that he needs to get a "big boy bed!")

I was going to try to make it this weekend but my trip to Montreal has kind of made me fearful of spending any money. One day beautiful shelf, you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine!

Oh Elsie and Emma, you and your team are so creative! Little known fact about me but probably very common in the blogospher: A Beautiful Mess was the first blog I ever began to read and it has led me to basically every blog I read now. One day I am going to work my way through their DIY's. I promise you that.

So here's to future crafts!


You Know What Day it Is

Friday is such a wonderful day of the week. Even though I have to wake up early and be in class for 7 hours it never feels too bad because I know that the weekend starts at 5:20pm and that comes with endless possibilities. Oh Friday, you do me so wrong with your school work and what not but I still love you so! The best part is thinking about how much time is left in your weekend! Saturday is of course, super awesome, but you have to think about how tomorrow is Sunday and Sunday always comes with a certain amount of dread. Friday, you come with no dread, so there!

It's been pretty rainy as of late which has given me a good excuse to break out my new purple Hunters. I like me some fall! Weirdly, it was SUPER hot yesterday. Like...why? I had the day off and was all excited to go for a nice fall jog with the wind keeping me cool but instead I sweat my butt off. It's cold again today which I am down with. 

Yesterday night Jordan, Erika and I went to Robin's hockey game. The won 6-3 and since they were playing at another school we were the only ones who liked this. Atta boys, Warriors!

Here's my most exciting news of all: Erika and I are going to Montreal next weekend! It's probably going to completely break my bank but I still can't wait. We're driving up on Friday and coming home on Sunday. Erika's sister goes to University there so we're going to see her and hit the mean streets of Montreal. I hope we go out dancing but it's more likely that we'll shop, see a movie and have slumber parties. No complaints here. Shauna is going to be there too with her Dodgeball team, who are awesome. Like, really good! Robin is ALSO gonna be there with his hockey team so we will get to see a lot of people and have lots of fun. I'm also realllyyy looking forward to a delicious Montreal bagel. C'est bon!

Also...I got engaged yesterday:
Just kidding...but if I did I think this would be a good size for a ring, don't you? 

Anyways! I should get back to work and since this is pretty text heavy I'm sure you're pretty done listening to me go on and on but hey, I needed to share ALL my updates. I'm just that kind of gal.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Obsessing over: New Girl. Oh man this show is amazing. I find myself laughing out loud every single episode. I'm on the last disc which is slightly depressing but luckily season 2 is on television now to keep me satisfied. Oh Zooey Deschannel, why do you dress so well? Seriously, every time I watch something with her I find myself wearing a bow in my hair or a shirt with a collar or shorts and tights the next day. She gives me so much outfit inspiration. Perfection.

Working on: catching up on my readings. I was caught up (mostly) until midterms happened. I don't know about anyone else but if I'm focusing on studying for a midterm I cannot keep up with my readings. If I'm stressed about preparing for the exam I'm certaintly not going to waste preious studying hours focusing on another class. The other problem is that in the wake of all the midterm stress, the next week feels like kind of a write-off for me. After all that work I think I deserve a little break. My profs however, would beg to differ. Don't worry though, I forced myself to read yesterday. Bah humbug.

Thinking about:  my post-graduate plan. I know it's about 6 months away but I think it's something every person in their last year probably stresses about. My mom found an ad online for a job at a radio station as an anchor/reporter. It sounds perfect and she wants me to apply but I have almost no credentials and it actually makes no sense because it's full time but she thinks that maybe they would offer me something different. I don't know. I definitely need to start thinking about my plan but I just don't even know when to start. Is now too soon? Should I wait until next semester? Is May too late? Oh boy. Where's the handbook on life, huh?

Reading: I'm currently reading three books right now. Bad form, I know. One is "The Book of Rapture" which I told you about, one is "Slowing Down to the Speed of Life" a book that Jordan gave me which he says will help me with my anxiety and the most unexpected read is "Holy Cow." It's actually a book I had to buy for my Religions and Popular Culture Class. When I saw that we had to read 67 pages of it this week I was not impressed. That's so much reading! The prof assured us that it was such a good book that we'd probably find ourselves finishing it just for fun. I initally scoffed at this but he may have been right. I just started it last night but I have been pleasantly surprised. It's a true story about a woman from Australia who travels to India. So far she's convinced me NEVER to travel there. Here anecdotes are hilarious but also slightly terrifying. I would be in complete culture shock. I can't wait to read more!

Wishing for: a solid sleep in tomorrow. I've become soft  now that I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off so working three days in a row this week feels like Chinese water torture. I'm a student. I must milk these free days while I still have the chance. week till Halloween! Get excited!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

One Hundred

Hey my little cyber pals. This, right now, this post, is my 100th post! WHOA!

I know it's really not anything special in comparison to what other blogs have done but it felt like a landmark that I had to mention.

I love my blog, like a lot. I love that I get to share my life online and write about whatever I want and just do something a wee bit creative. I hope that there's even one person out there that has laughed at my jokes or found comfort in my words or related to me in some way or even just enjoyed wasting some time hearing about my life. I know that so many blogs that I've read have changed me in little ways from influencing what hobby I decide to take up next or what I wear or even how I write. I hope my blog has created something like that for anyone who reads it.

My blog is ever evolving, just as I am and I can't wait to see what my life is like a hundred posts from now. I hope that you'll continue to follow along. Thanks to everyone who has ever gazed upon this blog. I appreciate each and every one of you.



Please do not let the happiness of yesterday's outfit leave you mistaken, today is a very dreary day. Luckily I have this picture to look at to remind me of the beautiful colour of sunshine.

Today is a rainy, rainy, rainy day and I am tired, tired, tired. It's one of those weeks so far where I cannot force myself to do much of anything. I took last Wednesday off so I could prepare for my exams so I have to work today. It probably would have been a nice day today if I could have just stayed home and slept with the rain pitter-pattering on my windows. Happily, I only have to work until 2:30 after which I plan on taking a much needed cat nap (meow), doing some readings and then going out for coffee with my friend Trish. Trish moved three hours away to take a nanny-ing job in September. Her and Tessa are always my coffee dates and since Tessa has moved to B.C for school I'm feeling very Starbucks deprived!

Well, I have a lot of work ahead of me so I should get to it. It's odd because when I look outside right now it looks like it's 8pm not 8am! Dreary!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekend Update

Gooooood Morning my friends! Hope you are having a fine Monday thus far. It was very hard to get out of bed this morning. Leaving the house when it's still dark out is a major bummer!

This weekend was a good one! Friday my 3 hour long class turned into a half hour class because we need to internet to do our presentations and the wifi at our school was out (yesss). I had a class at 4:30 but since I got out at 2pm I naturally decided to skip it and go shopping instead. Pink shirt above was the fruits of my labour. After that Erika and I went to get our nails done. We both got light pink but I wish I'd seen some of their halloween nail art. It may never have fit on my nails but maybe I could have gotten a small bat! I just love being festive! After that we went to out friend Robin's hockey game. He wasn't playing that night, just keeping track of shots, so he got to sit with us. They won in overtime!

Saturday I spent the day doing homework and hanging out with Jordan. A wonderfully lazy Saturday. At 10:20pm we decided we wanted to see Paranormal Activity 4...which started at 10:30! We raced there and got there in perfect timing. Unfortunately the movie was pretty crappy. Not recommended.

Sunday was a very lazy day spent watching New Girl! I ordered it on Thursday afternoon and being the cheapy I am I did the free shipping option. It ended up showing up on Friday at noon. I could not have been any happier! At night Erika, Jordan, Robin and I saw Argo. Prettttyyy good. Such an interesting story. Walking Dead was on so of course me and Jordan made our way to the couch for that and then when he left, more New Girl!

It was a wonderfully lazy weekend filled with friends, movies and lots of smiles.

Happy Monday to you.


Secret of the Week

I chose this secret because I like the idea that people can share the same struggles and secrets and not even know it. We can look at someone and think that their life is perfect and not even know what they're really going through. There's something comforting in that but also something that reminds you of how important kindness is because you can never really know how your words could affect someone in a positive or negative way depending on what someone is going through.

"Be kind, as everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."


Friday, 19 October 2012

It's Friday, Friday, FRIDAYYYY

Resist the urge to sing Rebecca Black because that is not what I am referring to. When I was in middle school we had a principle who you could have basically guess was Howie Mandel's long, lost brother. He was bald, hilarious and we all loved him. He did the announcements everyday and on Fridays he would start by saying "It's Friday, Friday, FRIDAYYYY" and everyone loved it. Eventually he would do it for random days like Wednesdays because it would make us laugh. Moral of the story: I'm feeling very excited about the fact that it's FRIDDAYY today. I have finished my last midterm and can now coast through the rest of the day. YAY.

My midterm this morning went well I think! It was two essay questions and I wrote A LOT of quality information so I'm feeling pretty good. I also have finished my essay propsal. I have no idea if my professor will like it but that's what you get when you hardly explain what we should do.

I woke up at 5:45 this morning so that I could shower, eat a good breakfast and get to school by 7:30. It's already hitting me so coffee is extremely necessary today.

Tonight I think Erika wants to go to the gym but I don't know if I can hack it today. I might try to convince her to get mani/pedis with me instead because that sounds SO much better. Other than that I plan to clean my apartment and then cuddle up on the couch and hibernate for the whole weekend. Big plans. Big plans.

Happy Friday my pals.


The Book Review: Never Let Me Go

I finished Never Let Me Go last night. I'm not going to lie to you guys, it did not live up to my expectations.

Never Let Me Go is a novel centered around the characters of Kathy (the narrator), Ruth and Tommy. The three go to Hailsham, a school for other children "like them" to grow up. The story starts in childhood at Hailsham, then adolescence where they live at The Cottages and finally adulthood when they are out in the real world. The story plays on you not really knowing what is going on. The whole time it talks about when they are going to begin their donations and you spend the whole book trying to find out what this means and what will happen to them once they finally get out into the real world. It's definitely interesting but very slow paced. The idea is very cool and by the second half of the book I was reading every night so I could find out what happened. The story's focus on the relationships of the three main characters is interesting and you really do get invested in their fates but I still feel like I have a lot of unanswered questions so I'm not feeling very satisfied as of right now.

I'm hoping that maybe the movie will make me like this story more. Kathy is played by Carrey Mulligan (one of my absolute favourite actresses...An Education is such a great movie), Kiera Knightly is Ruth and Andrew Garfield is Tommy. That cast alone makes me want to watch the movie but I'm afraid I'll be a bit bored. We will see.

Overall, I wouldn't really recommend this book. It was interesting but not really anything that I think I'll find myself reading for a second or third time like I seem to do with all my favourites.

Now I'm moving onto this book:
First of all, is this not the most beautiful book you've ever seen? It looks gorgeous on my bedside table. Secondly, I picked this because it looks like it's going to be very action-packed which I'm craving after reading Never Let Me Go.

This book is portrayed as a found document which was written by an unidentified woman. The woman is writing from a room where she has been kidnapped. Her children have also been kidnapped and she has to work to find her way through this somehow. The reason she is there is because the government has betrayed her. She has been working on a top-secret project for a weapon that could end all war, even all human life.

I started reading a little last night and it is very intelligent. There are quotes at the end of every chapter (which of course I love!) and it seems like a story with lots of hidden meanings and ideas that will all make sense in the end. It is probably going to be a bit of a complicated and confusing read but I'm excited.

Well that's all for now. Stay tuned for when I finish The Book of Rapture!


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thirsty Thursdays

Thirsty for knowledge that is. Huh? Huh? Alright...I'll admit that was a little lame but my brain is turning to mush so you'll have to forgive me. Today is yet another day of library dwelling. I just got here which isn't so bad. Better than my 8:30am arrival yesterday. I just have one more midterm to study for and it's on Critical Advertsing Studies which is really interesting and all of the readings actually make sense so I'm not too worried. My midterm yesterday went pretty well. Studying for that was torture because all of the readings were in gibbership basically. I also have to write an essay proposal today. That's what I'm really worried about because the teacher is a hard marker and I should have been working on this earlier but I didn't and now I have to make it seem like I know exactly what I want to do and I don't!

Above is my outfit du jour. The main goal around here is to keep warm. It's nice to be able to snuggle up when I'm stuck in the library all day. This is the biggest sweater that I own and I`m proud of it (you can tell by my feisty-hip-jutting pose).

Last night when I got home my mom had ordered my favourite pizza from my favourite pizza place but I had already eaten at school and even though I could probably have scarfed it down, I forced myself to put it in the fridge and save it for today. The result was that I ate pizza for breakfast this morning while watching New Girl. I'm now coming to terms with the fact that this may not have been the best idea. So full. Want to nap now.

Well kids, that's all the information I have for you today. Here's to almost being done with the week of hell which means it's almost the weekend. Hip. Hip. Hooray!


Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I've decided that Quotable will be a regular thing around here. It won't really be on any specific day but expect to see it popping up every now and then, accompanied by a beautiful picture from tumblr that really has nothing to do with it. I'm wild like that.

I'm a bit of a quote junky. I have an art/quote journal from a long time ago (which really needs to be dusted off and added to!) and for my birthday Jordan got my a beautiful leather bound book with my initials on the front that I put beautiful quotes in too. I wish I had more time to focus on them because I've collected so many quotes that they deserve to be put somewhere beautiful besides in emails to myself or word documents.

This quote is one I heard while watching Beginnners. It's from the Velveteen Rabbit and it's incredibly profound and beautiful.

"You cannot be ugly, except to those who do not understand."

Shivers. I think it can say so much about how you should see yourself and others. It's my new favourite.

Enjoy the profound words and I hope they help guide you or give you comfort or just plain make you smile.


Obsessing over: keeping warm. Boy, oh boy Canada, you sure decided to get chill early this year. This means that every outfit is planned around a giant sweater and most definitely will be featuring a big, chunky scarf. BRRRR.

Working on: studying! I have a midterm this evening at 5:30. I've been at the library since 8:30 this morning and finally finished writing my study notes. Now all I have to do is memorize them. I'm currently taking a much needed study break to eat, browse blogs and recollect my sanity.

Thinking about: the less-than-stellar wrap I just ate. How hard is it to believe that I don't want chicken on my ceasar wrap? Because of the "impossibility" of this I had to order a BLT and then make it a ceasar which left me a wrap that was about half bacon bits. Who doesn't love a handful of salt in their lunch!?

Listening to: Death Cab for Cutie. They are the perfect studying band. Their songs are perfectly slow and mellow so that they don't distract me from my work. I've already listened to every Death Cab song I have (which is 44) on my ipod twice and do it again before my midterm. Thanks boys.

Wishing for: this week to be over. It seriously is the week from hell. I spent all night Monday reading, all day yesterday studying (I left the library at midnight), all today studying and will be spending every second after my midterm and before bed time tonight studying. I have a midterm and essay proposal due Friday. This means I have a very packed day tomorrow. I am beyond unhappy this week.

It's definitely hump day today people and this hump is a big one to get over. Stay sane my friends


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Study Bunny

This week is a very busy one for me. I have a midterm tomorrow night and  a midterm and essay proposal due Friday. Stressful.

Today I will be going to the library to study for the rest of the afternoon. I have dinner with Jordan's family and then back to the library until about ten. Ughhhh what a long day it will be but I have a lot to do and it's gotta get done. Boo to responsibilities.

Most of my stresses will be over after this week, then I can hopefully spend the weekend catching up on readings I've missed while studying and then finally have the stress off. Aren't I just a barrel of fun?? Sorry kids, but such is life.

Off the library now. Bye kids.


Monday, 15 October 2012

Weekend Update

Happy Monday my friends.

Nothing particularly photo-worthy happened this weekend. Sorry to dissapoint. That's why I've given you this wonderful Monday song to listen to. It's so obviously about Zooey Deschannel and I, of course, love her, so it makes it all the better, even if they didn't work out.

Friday night I saw Perks with Erika and Shauna. It was realllyyy good and so fun to go with my two best friends.

Saturday I worked out with Erika, even though my arms were STILL hurting from our boxing class on Thursday. After that I went out for lunch with Jordan and then we promptly put our pajamas on and spent the whole day watching Band of Brothers and Netflix. We watched Exit Through the Giftshop. So many people in my classes have been mentioning it lately so I feel the need to see it too. It wasn't bad but I'm not quiet sure what all the fuss was about.

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my family. My sisters belly is getting so big! All I do it touch it! I came home to study for an online quiz which apparently did me no good because I got 5/10 on it :( I blame the tricky questions, not my knowledge, so take that professor! Jordan and I watched The Walking Dead premier last night. OH MAN SO GOOD. I know exactly what I'll be doing ever Sunday night now.

Enjoy this little Death Cab gem and have a happy Monday


Secret of the Week

These kinds of secrets always get me thinking. I love how somewhere someone is going to read this and know that it's for them. At least, I hope they will.

I like these ones. I once saw one where a guy proposed to his girlfriend. Adorable.

I always get weirded out when I see ones where it's probably so obvious to the people who know them who wrote the secret. Like this week there was one where it was a picture of a big group of people and the only face hidden was the person who told the secret. I wonder if telling these secrets ever gets people in trouble, or in fights, or fixes things. So many possibilities.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Happy Friday

Hello there people! It's Friday! Be excited!

Today I woke up a half hour late, which actually made me feel very well-rested, but I had a deep conditioning mask in my hair and HAD to shower so I ran around like a mad woman trying to shower and dress and apply make-up. I am currently rocking some ferosh wild lady hair right now. Au natural and it feels so gooood.

I had a three hour class this morning and then came promptly to the library for the coffee and study time you see above. I think (HOPE) that I've got these cue cards memorized. They seem to be sticking pretty well right now but I do have a three hour class before my midterm. Gonna run through them one last time between my walks to class and then just let Jesus take the wheel- as Carrie Underwood might say...maybe.

Tonight instead of seeing Perks around here, Erika and I are gonna see it in Toronto with Shauna because we love her so much that we drive 40 minutes to see her on the reg. Boy am I excited. This will be the second weekend in a row that our trio of best friends has been re-united and know I CAN'T WAIT to see Perks.

Oh, what a happy Friday it has been, even if I do still have a midterm to do.

Enjoy the weekend y'all!


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Strictly Sickly

This is my life right now. Too many Halls. Too much green tea. Far too many different kinds of medicine. Ick!

I forced myself to get up by 10am this morning so I can make myself get to the library by noon. My throat is feeling better so there's that. I made myself a delicious breakfast and am now watching Fever Pitch in my pajamas. I feel like this is fitting. Tonight I'm going to a really hard class at the gym with Erika to try and sweat this cold out but other than that I will be spending my day feverishly writing out cue cards.

Most exciting news of all: tomorrow night I'm seeing Perks of Being a Wallflower with Erika! Oh my gosh I cannot wait. I read the book for the first time about 5 years ago and just loved it`s honesty and Charlie`s point of view. I also love me some Emma Watson so I hope it lives up. I probably should have gave it a little re-read before but I was afraid it would make me hate the movie. Movies made from books are usually doomed to failure and I really want to love this so I think this is my safest bet.

Have a happy and healthy Thursday.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I found a quote a little while ago on tumblr and I found it exceptionally beautiful so I thought I'd share:

I think you could fall in love with anyone if you saw the parts of them no one else gets to see. Like if you followed them around invisibly for a day and saw them crying in their bed at night or singing in the shower or humming quietly to themselves as they make a sandwich or even just walking along the street. And even if they were really weird and had no friends at school, I think, after seeing them at their most vulnerable, you wouldn’t be able to help falling in love with them.
Gorgeous. It reminds me that everyone  has a different kind of beauty to them.

Obsessing over: my health! I feel crappier than ever these days. I spent all of yesterday eating halls and sipping on ginger ale and green teas. I'm not going to lie, I become a bit of a baby mentally when I get sick. I say mentally because I don't act like it as much as I think it. I continue to do everything I need to do including making myself go to work and school but in my head I'm convincing myself that I have bronchitus or am possibly dying. Yeah, I'm a wee bit dramatic.

Working on: studying! I have a quiz tomorrow and a midterm Friday. Oh the first midterm of the semester is always the hardest. I have no idea what to expect or how to study for each prof, since they seem to always be so different. This is just the beginning though. I have a paper and I think two midterms next week. Help me.

Thinking about: the long day I'm about to embark upon and how good it's gonna feel when I get home, get into my pajamas and immediately place my butt on the couch. I know that you know that I am a hard core Real World fan and right now The Challenge is on, which if you aren't aware is a show made up of past Real World seasons where they do physical challenges to win money. It's seriously amazing. Wednesday nights I tell Jordan to leave me alone so I can watch my show. Aren't I the sweetest?

Listening to: Little Black Submarine by The Black Keys. I looooovvveee The Black Keys. They are simply amazing. Their Brothers album was the first vinyl I ever bought for my record player. Unfortunately it magically got all scratched so I've really been meaning to replace it plus buy El Camino  but the idea of spending another $35.00 on each is holding me back. Records are expensive and I'm a cheapo. One record per month is probably gonna have to be my new standard!

Wishing for: the ability to go to the gym. Hear me out here people. Now, I dislike working out as much as the next person. I do enjoy it, but if it wasn't necessary, I probably wouldn't do it. Well, now that I'm sick I cannot even begin to think about dragging my butt to the gym, or even out for a jog and that makes me want to even more. I hear it will make you feel better if you work out when you're sick but I'm not buying it. Mostly I want to get my sweat on because of last weekends Thanksgiving festivities. Too much turkey and sitting around makes for a more motivated lady which unfortunately I cannot act upon right now. Boo-hoo.
Happy Wednesday from a sickly lady.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend Update

You'll have to excuse my tardiness on my posts today. It's Canadian thanks giving and even though we celebrated yesterday, I've had the day off and am feeling much too lazy to do anything.

Friday Jordan and I ate dinner and then had a little Dairy Queen date before we went our seperate ways for the night. He went out with the boys and I went to my friends pre-drink and then to the bar. It was so fun but I chose to be DD so the bar was kind of hard to handle when the music was so incredibly loud and people were just plain drunk. 

Saturday I spent the morning making pies with my mom. I am beyond obsessed with how they turned out. I feel like I should have gone to culinary school or something because damn can I impress myself (sometimes!) I had dinner with Jordan and then he drove me, Erika and Shauna to Oktoberfest. We met up with lots of Shauna's friends from Toronto and danced and drank the night away. Amazing. 

Sunday I had to write a whole paper during my hangover. Oh boy, I did not feel good. Could have been the McDonald's run we had at 2am or the fact that I woke up clutching a chocolate bar with another wrapper in my bed. Not one of my finer moments but I got what I needed to get done and then waited for delicious turkey. OH MAN does my momma know how to cook! Me and Jordan spent the night watching the Walking Dead and scary movies.

Today Jordan and I lazed around ALL DAY. It was wonderful. We watched Band of Brothers while I worked on his scarf. Perfect day. I came home after dinner to get back to the real world. I cleaned my entire apartment very thoroughly and now I'm sitting with a giant pile of books next to me, trying to avoid the fact that I have one test and one midterm this week. Crap. Maybe I'll put it off a little longer, just until tomorrow. 

I'll stop typing now. I'm sure you've had your fill of my life by now. Happy Monday my friends and know that I am thankful for anyone out there who takes the time to read my little old blog.


Secret of the Week

Not only do I love this secret because it is adorable but because the ticket is going to Toronto, ON. That means this secret comes from close to home. I love that.


Thursday, 4 October 2012

I am the Walking Dead

Life has been a bit of a blur this week. I'm running around like crazy and doing anything I can to stay sane. I'm just feeling incredibly exhausted and I do believe that I really am losing my battle against whatever has been going around lately. Oh no.

I went to bed at 11 last night due to pure exhaustion. I woke up at 8 this morning and ran off to the mall with my mom, my sister and the two toddlers she nannies, Everette and Peighton. They are too adorable. When my mom and I came home I hit the books and tried my best to fight my fatigue. After I was done I gave into it and took a nice little nap. I just cannot feel awake these days no matter what I do.

Tomorrow I have a very long day at school hopefully followed by a relaxing night watching scary movies with Jordan. Saturday Me and Erika and Shauna, my two very best friends in the world, are going Oktoberfesting. It's on my Fall 2012 list so that's another thing to scratch off! I'm so excited especially because Shauna moved to Toronto when we all started school 3 years ago so any time we get to play with her is a great time! Sunday is Thanksgiving...and I have a paper due. So harsh. Gonna have to try to fit that in somewhere and then starts midterm season. Prepare to hear more tales about me being incredibly tired and incredibly overworked.

Ohhhh fall, you are so beautiful, but you're wearing me out! Take it easy, okay?


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oh Happy Day

It's Tuesday today which I have come to known as a day of sleeping in, hanging out in pyjamas, doing my homework and watching movies. I really love Tuesdays. These rules also apply to Thursdays.

It was tough for me to get out of bed today. Since I work Mondays and Wednesday and have Tuesdays and Thursdays off I usually stay up super late Sundays, go to be early Mondays, sleep in Tuesdays and then start the cycle over. I know, it's bad but I can't help it. This morning I tried to get up at 9:30 but just couldn't until 11. Life is tough over here. I've been getting readings done and watching The Breakfast Club all day. Literally, all day. I just keep restarting it. I'm really obsessed with Bender. I love how affected he is by everything Claire says. I always watch for his reactions. Biggest 80s crush for sure.

Tonight Erika and I are seeing Pitch Perfect again. We just LOVE it! We listened to the soundtrack all the way to the gym last night and all the way home. It's gold. At the gym I ran 5k and DAMN was it hard. I'm trying to get ready for the 5K me and Jordan want to run. We haven't signed up yet but we really need to soon. I'm mostly scared because no matter what I won't be ready but maybe that's why I should just take the leap.

Have a happy Tuesday little bitties!

P.S Like my new mani!? Accent nails are my new obsession!


Monday, 1 October 2012

It's my Month

Today is a very special day. Today is the first day of October. Now, I know you must be sick of me talking about fall but I just cannot apologize for it. It's the best and you only have about one more month of it so please, bear with me. By the time November comes winter will be on it's way and I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about Christmas so you shouldn't have to worry there.

Here are some of my favourite fall inspirations from Pinterest:
I'm most excited about the pumpkin cream cheese. MMMMMMM! I'm also hoping to bake a beautiful pie this month. I think that's on the schedule for this weekend. We will see if I'm feeling ambitious enough to make one of the pies above! I also need to add to my fall list and scary movie marathon list and then start crossing things off.

Oh boy, the first day of October is so full of possibilities!