Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Obsessing over: my health! I feel crappier than ever these days. I spent all of yesterday eating halls and sipping on ginger ale and green teas. I'm not going to lie, I become a bit of a baby mentally when I get sick. I say mentally because I don't act like it as much as I think it. I continue to do everything I need to do including making myself go to work and school but in my head I'm convincing myself that I have bronchitus or am possibly dying. Yeah, I'm a wee bit dramatic.

Working on: studying! I have a quiz tomorrow and a midterm Friday. Oh the first midterm of the semester is always the hardest. I have no idea what to expect or how to study for each prof, since they seem to always be so different. This is just the beginning though. I have a paper and I think two midterms next week. Help me.

Thinking about: the long day I'm about to embark upon and how good it's gonna feel when I get home, get into my pajamas and immediately place my butt on the couch. I know that you know that I am a hard core Real World fan and right now The Challenge is on, which if you aren't aware is a show made up of past Real World seasons where they do physical challenges to win money. It's seriously amazing. Wednesday nights I tell Jordan to leave me alone so I can watch my show. Aren't I the sweetest?

Listening to: Little Black Submarine by The Black Keys. I looooovvveee The Black Keys. They are simply amazing. Their Brothers album was the first vinyl I ever bought for my record player. Unfortunately it magically got all scratched so I've really been meaning to replace it plus buy El Camino  but the idea of spending another $35.00 on each is holding me back. Records are expensive and I'm a cheapo. One record per month is probably gonna have to be my new standard!

Wishing for: the ability to go to the gym. Hear me out here people. Now, I dislike working out as much as the next person. I do enjoy it, but if it wasn't necessary, I probably wouldn't do it. Well, now that I'm sick I cannot even begin to think about dragging my butt to the gym, or even out for a jog and that makes me want to even more. I hear it will make you feel better if you work out when you're sick but I'm not buying it. Mostly I want to get my sweat on because of last weekends Thanksgiving festivities. Too much turkey and sitting around makes for a more motivated lady which unfortunately I cannot act upon right now. Boo-hoo.
Happy Wednesday from a sickly lady.


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