Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oh Happy Day

It's Tuesday today which I have come to known as a day of sleeping in, hanging out in pyjamas, doing my homework and watching movies. I really love Tuesdays. These rules also apply to Thursdays.

It was tough for me to get out of bed today. Since I work Mondays and Wednesday and have Tuesdays and Thursdays off I usually stay up super late Sundays, go to be early Mondays, sleep in Tuesdays and then start the cycle over. I know, it's bad but I can't help it. This morning I tried to get up at 9:30 but just couldn't until 11. Life is tough over here. I've been getting readings done and watching The Breakfast Club all day. Literally, all day. I just keep restarting it. I'm really obsessed with Bender. I love how affected he is by everything Claire says. I always watch for his reactions. Biggest 80s crush for sure.

Tonight Erika and I are seeing Pitch Perfect again. We just LOVE it! We listened to the soundtrack all the way to the gym last night and all the way home. It's gold. At the gym I ran 5k and DAMN was it hard. I'm trying to get ready for the 5K me and Jordan want to run. We haven't signed up yet but we really need to soon. I'm mostly scared because no matter what I won't be ready but maybe that's why I should just take the leap.

Have a happy Tuesday little bitties!

P.S Like my new mani!? Accent nails are my new obsession!


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