Friday, 26 October 2012

You Know What Day it Is

Friday is such a wonderful day of the week. Even though I have to wake up early and be in class for 7 hours it never feels too bad because I know that the weekend starts at 5:20pm and that comes with endless possibilities. Oh Friday, you do me so wrong with your school work and what not but I still love you so! The best part is thinking about how much time is left in your weekend! Saturday is of course, super awesome, but you have to think about how tomorrow is Sunday and Sunday always comes with a certain amount of dread. Friday, you come with no dread, so there!

It's been pretty rainy as of late which has given me a good excuse to break out my new purple Hunters. I like me some fall! Weirdly, it was SUPER hot yesterday. Like...why? I had the day off and was all excited to go for a nice fall jog with the wind keeping me cool but instead I sweat my butt off. It's cold again today which I am down with. 

Yesterday night Jordan, Erika and I went to Robin's hockey game. The won 6-3 and since they were playing at another school we were the only ones who liked this. Atta boys, Warriors!

Here's my most exciting news of all: Erika and I are going to Montreal next weekend! It's probably going to completely break my bank but I still can't wait. We're driving up on Friday and coming home on Sunday. Erika's sister goes to University there so we're going to see her and hit the mean streets of Montreal. I hope we go out dancing but it's more likely that we'll shop, see a movie and have slumber parties. No complaints here. Shauna is going to be there too with her Dodgeball team, who are awesome. Like, really good! Robin is ALSO gonna be there with his hockey team so we will get to see a lot of people and have lots of fun. I'm also realllyyy looking forward to a delicious Montreal bagel. C'est bon!

Also...I got engaged yesterday:
Just kidding...but if I did I think this would be a good size for a ring, don't you? 

Anyways! I should get back to work and since this is pretty text heavy I'm sure you're pretty done listening to me go on and on but hey, I needed to share ALL my updates. I'm just that kind of gal.

Happy Friday!


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