Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dress, Meet Sweater

Do you ever feel like you just need to dress up for no reason? That's how I felt on Monday. I was getting ready to drive back to my hometown for the night and I had a comfy outfit all picked out when I decided that it was a day to feel a tad special. So I grabbed some tights, a dress and my favourite sweater and tried to make magic happen.

My dress may have been a tad wrinkly from living in a drawer since the summertime but I still felt pretty dang cute. It was a very comfy outfit, while still feeling a little special.

I high recommend going the dress route to get out of a slump.

In other news: there are only 4 more days left until I go on vacation! I am beyond excited to get out of this miserable cold! On top of that I have a nail appointment Sunday. Can't wait to start the pampering and relaxation! Mostly I can't believe that I'll have 9 days off from BOTH of my jobs. I haven't had this in about six months. It's much deserved.

So don't mind me because for the next few days my mind is going to be focused on palm trees, pina coladas and sun beams!


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Seizing the Day…or Whatever

*PB&J Stuffed French Toast. Mmmmmm*

Today I don't have to work until 4pm which is basically like a day off for me. So much time to do things before work! I planned to wake up by at least 10am but my body work me up at 9:30 instead. I'm not mad about it because I got the start the day even earlier to made the delicious breakfast you see above. It.was.amazing.

Today I am doing a tiny bit of work for the magazine. I need to get all my ducks in a row because I'M LEAVING FOR VACATION IN 8 DAYS! That's right people. Jordan and I have booked a vacation to Punta Cana and I'm beyond excited. I can't wait to be warm again. I really need to work on my tan and 9 days off of work is going to be seriously amazing. I really need this after basically killing myself to get through the holiday season. Now all I need is a couple new books to read on the beach.

I also plan to get some kind of workout in today. Everything just feels better when you've worked out. I bought a two week unlimited pass to hot yoga and it will expire really soon and I've only used it once. I still don't think I want to use it again. It was fun but…it was also super hot and took a hour and a half and I could just as easily do the 30 Day Shred in 30 minutes. Hooray for wasting money! (not).

Now I'll leave you with a picture of something I wore this week. I was pretty proud of this collaboration…even though the necklace broke this week. I'll remember it fondly:


Friday, 17 January 2014

Get Dressed

It's kind of a big deal these days when I actually get myself dressed in something that isn't an outfit for work. Most days I don't even get dressed until I have to get ready for work, where I'm only allowed to wear black and white. I do work today but I felt the need to finally break out my new shirt and cardigan. I'm pretty smitten with the combo as you can see.

What's new with me?

* I've been working a lot (as always)
* I've been getting back into working out (Finally broke out Gillian Michael's 30 Day Shred AND got a two week pass to hot yoga…which is actually the weirdest thing ever. Never sweat so much in my life!)
* We're having a party at our apartment on Saturday so I'm half excited for that/half nervous because it's going to be all my roommates friends which means barely anyone I know (but one of my New Years Resolutions was to put myself out there and meet new people so I'm keeping positive).
* I'm getting my nails done with a girl from work tomorrow. We're so excited. Can't wait to get pampered!

Also: I walked to the liquor store this morning because I won't be able to go before the party.
1. I think it's kind of sketchy to go to the liquor store before 4pm…but I did it anyways
2. I think it's also strange to be carrying a coffee and a bottle of wine (that just shows how I shouldn't have been buying liquor in the morning haha)
3. I got home and looked like this:

Oh the trials and tribulations of wearing a headband. Nat cute.

Anyways kids, I must be off. Gotta go experience the day or whatever.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

So This Is the New Year...

New Years Eve was simply wonderful. Maybe one of my favourite yet!

Erika, Jon, Jordan and I all left out apartment after glasses of champagne and lots of time spent in front of the mirror and headed downtown to a friend's house party. I may or may not have gotten us lost (whoops) but we eventually found our way!

It was a fun night where we got to see some friends from home and also got to meet lots of new people.

Don't let our fancy appearance fool you. The reality of the situation is that by 2:30am Jordan and I were sitting on the kitchen floor eating pizza (and I love love loved it).

Jordan ended up staying at the apartment until the 4th with me. We spent lots of time watching documentaries and episodes of Iron Chef America. We also went out for dinner a couple times, saw The Wolf on Wall Street, saw some friends and went to Evil Dead: The Musical (probably my favourite part. It was hilarious!)

It was a good break!

Then last night we travelled home because my parents were having his parents over for dinner. It was nice having everyone sitting around the table just chatting and enjoying a meal together.

After that I went out for coffee with my friend Tessa and we ended up chatting until 1:30am! We haven't been able to talk for so long because she's been in Vancouver so we had a million things to catch up on. I'm going to cry when she goes back on the 9th!

I came back to the apartment today with Erika and then had to work. Most importantly: this snow storm is a pain in my butt! I froze all the way home and then immediately made a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of tomato soup (the perfect snow day meal).

Then I made this:

It's the perfect way to display my pictures from my new Polaroid and the instagram pictures I printed a while back. I love it!

Well kids…I think I'm finally going to go write out my New Years Resolutions! It's never too late!!