Sunday, 5 January 2014

So This Is the New Year...

New Years Eve was simply wonderful. Maybe one of my favourite yet!

Erika, Jon, Jordan and I all left out apartment after glasses of champagne and lots of time spent in front of the mirror and headed downtown to a friend's house party. I may or may not have gotten us lost (whoops) but we eventually found our way!

It was a fun night where we got to see some friends from home and also got to meet lots of new people.

Don't let our fancy appearance fool you. The reality of the situation is that by 2:30am Jordan and I were sitting on the kitchen floor eating pizza (and I love love loved it).

Jordan ended up staying at the apartment until the 4th with me. We spent lots of time watching documentaries and episodes of Iron Chef America. We also went out for dinner a couple times, saw The Wolf on Wall Street, saw some friends and went to Evil Dead: The Musical (probably my favourite part. It was hilarious!)

It was a good break!

Then last night we travelled home because my parents were having his parents over for dinner. It was nice having everyone sitting around the table just chatting and enjoying a meal together.

After that I went out for coffee with my friend Tessa and we ended up chatting until 1:30am! We haven't been able to talk for so long because she's been in Vancouver so we had a million things to catch up on. I'm going to cry when she goes back on the 9th!

I came back to the apartment today with Erika and then had to work. Most importantly: this snow storm is a pain in my butt! I froze all the way home and then immediately made a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of tomato soup (the perfect snow day meal).

Then I made this:

It's the perfect way to display my pictures from my new Polaroid and the instagram pictures I printed a while back. I love it!

Well kids…I think I'm finally going to go write out my New Years Resolutions! It's never too late!!


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