Monday, 30 December 2013

New Years Eve

Oh New Years Eve. It's such a night full of hope…that never seems to turn out exactly how you planned. I think that's the universe telling us to never get our hopes up too much. Then you end up starting the new year off with a nice old hangover. Not really the fresh start that you'd imagined, huh?

But we sure do love the day anyways! I'm gonna put on my part dress tomorrow and throw some glitter in the air and enjoy myself! I feel like it's such a fun holiday because you can be a little outlandish. You can dress in glitter or wear a tiara and it's all fun. Maybe we should bring that kind of excitement and beauty into every day!

Here are a few of my favourite songs to listen to on New Years Eve:

They may not be party songs but they're the ones that seem to run through my head on New Years.

Enjoy your fresh starts people!


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