Friday, 30 November 2012

It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Delish-ness

When your sister is a nanny you sometimes come home to some homemade and handcrafted goodies made by a couple of adorable toddlers. The note told me I had to share with Jordan but...I make no promises.

Well my friends, one essay has been handed in already this morning. It was a TOTAL pain in the ass to sit through the class after handing it in knowing that there is no exam and therefore no reason for me to listen anymore. I am also incredibly exhausted because I didn't even leave the library until after midnight last night and then had to come home and do a little more work so I wasn't asleep till around 1:30ish (probably closer to 2). I turned into a zombie about half way through the lecture. Not cute.

Now I am just editing my other paper due today and once that's done I'll only have one more paper to do for Sunday and I'll be able to relax for a couple of days before I need to focus on exams. Man oh man, the life of a student is tiring. The good news is that I'm am thisclose to being half way through my last year. That's right people, I will soon enter adulthood which means more MONEY and no more essays. YAHOO.

Tonight Erika, Robin & I are going out for Indian food. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about it. After that I plan on having a very lazy evening on the couch with Jordan.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies.


Thursday, 29 November 2012

School Daze

Oh just another day spent at the library. What else is new? Today I'm working on a ten page paper due tomorrow. Don't worry, I can handle it...probably. It's basically already written because I had to do a proposal a while back that made me do all my research so it shouldn't be so bad. The bad part is the amount of hours I'm gonna have to force out of myself to get this done. I just have to keep telling myself this is your last year. this is your last year. this is your last year.

Isn't there something about this time of year that makes you just want to curl up? There is for me but I guess my curling up will just have to involve some essay writing, and hopefully a few more skinny vanilla lattes. yum yum yum. 

Well kids, that's my day. Nothing to see here.

Stay warm and stay cozy!


Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Obsessing over: the afterglow app. I far as bloggers' obsession with this app goes, I'm a little late to the game. I was actually trying to avoid it a bit. I know it sounds stupid but it was so hyped that it felt a little overdone. I finally gave in and I'm so glad. I love the filters and the frames and the fact that you can send it right to your instagram. Label my smitten.

Working on: what else but school work? I have a test this evening that I spent the afternoon studying for yesterday and then after dinner I drove myself to my university to take advantage of the library's late hours and write a paper. It only took three hours which I found impressive. Tomorrow I have to write an even longer paper, so much library time is in order as well. Can the time for me to leave for the cruise just get here already?

Thinking about:  Christmas shopping! Is anyone else in full panic mode yet? Oh man I really should start seeing as I have to have it done before I leave on the 21st. Anyone wanna lend me about $1000?

Feeling: a wee bit bummed. I got to work today to find out that I'd sent some emails to clients with the wrong information on them which made one client miss their appointment yesterday. It was an honest mistake but it's still so annoying and it feels like I get looked at differently when I mess up, like I'm not doing my job correctly. It's such a downer to the day.

Listening to: the beautiful hum of my little heater. I don't know about you but my only goal this winter has been to stay warm. That means basically planning my outfits around sweaters and boots. I refuse to be cold which means that anything with short sleeves is off limits. Bye bye t-shirts, see you next year.

Wishing for: the discipline to get through the rest of this week. In order to get all my papers done (the last one is due Sunday) I really need to buckle down. Jordan's off work right now which means there's always something more fun I could be doing than studying but I know I have the power to push through this stressful time.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

For Realz

Please meet (from left) Bre, Me, Tessa and Emma. 
This is us on our best behaviour:
 And this is the real us:
So yeah...welcome to my life


Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekend Update

Man oh man. What a weekend.

Friday I had to leave RIGHT after I got home from school. Literally got out of my car, ran downstairs to grab my stuff and then had to leave. After a six hour drive we finally got there at 11:30 and immediately got to drinking so we could go out. It was an insane night. We danced so much and had so much fun. It was a really weird club though because there were these couches everywhere and when I tried to climb over one I fell and ended up folded over the couch with my butt in the air. Of course Erika and I died laughing and ran away immediately. After the club we all went back to the hotel and ate copious amounts of poutine. YUM.

Saturday we spent the afternoon doing a little shopping. I got Lulu Lemon shorts for 20 dollars and capris for 35 dollars. Best.Deal.Ever. I can't wait to work out now haha. We took a nap after shopping and then went out for dinner at the Keg. Yum. That night we all went out to another club. We froze our butts off in line but we had fun dancing a bit. Somehow the second night never lives up to the first. Oh well.

Sunday morning I woke up in a daze and was immediately thrown into the shower by Erika. So glad she did that because I felt so good afterwards. Hangovers are hard work, people. We went shopping downtown for a few hours and I got some goooood stuff. I wish I was richer, could have bought the whole street worth of stuff! We left Montreal around 3 and got home at 10. It felt so good to be home and my bed was very welcoming.

Today I'm slightly exhausted. I am pretty suprised that I'm functioning but I have a giant coffee in hand. I have about a million things due this week since it's the last week of classes so I have to immediately get back into work mode. Poo poo.

So that was my wild and extremely crazy weekend. I'm actually suprised we all survived. Alright, off to get some work done.


Secret of the Week

So romantic, and possibly a little tragic. Love.


Friday, 23 November 2012

Au Revouir for Now

Hey y'all. Today is a good day. I spent the morning in class, which isn't so great but on my break today I went and had breakfast with my sister and the kids she nannies (Everette and Peighton). They make for a silly day.

Currently I am sitting in the library trying to waste time between class and listening to Lana Del Ray's This is What Makes us Girls on repeat. I realllyyy want to be one of her friends from high school. It sounds incredibly fun and also super badass. Time machine please?

Well people, only about 4 hours until I embark on my trip to Montreal. I have to run home right after my class ends at 4:20, grab my stuff and leave. It is gonna feel a little hectic but once I get in the car we will have six hours of open road ahead of us. Hopefully I will spend this time working on papers. I can't wait to get to that crazy french city and see where the night takes us, even if it only takes us to our hotel room to veg out. I doubt that will happen since we will have been couped up in a car for six hours, I'm sure Erika will be jumping around and ready for us to go dance.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend planned as well!


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Life as of Lately

1. A beautiful baby bump that holds my future nephew inside. I can't get enough.
2. My favourite seasonal fruit. Aren't seasonal things just that much more special? Pumpkin Spice Latte's anyone? I rest my case.
3.The sad corpse of my orchard that I kicked of my table by accident. Enjoying it's beauty while I can.

I saw The Silver Linings Playbook with Erika last night. While it was a little odd, it was pretty funny. My obsession with Jennifer Lawrence continues.

That's all I've got for now. Au Revoir.


*Sorry there was no Currently yesterday. I was a busy, busy bee*

Obsessing over: pomegranates. I'm so glad they are back in season. I love to just grab a half of a pomegranate, jump on the couch and waste a good hour picking at this delicious fruit. Plus they're just so pretty. I highly recommend that someone makes a pomegranate pattern on a blouse (I'll take two!)

Working on: getting myself in order for all of next weeks assignments. I have one test, two papers and one final essay due next week. It will not be fun but if I start thinking about them now it shouldn't be too tough. One more week of classes, people!

Thinking about:  this weekend! I'm back on the road to Montreal this weekend. Erika and he family are taking me for Emma's birthday. Should be another fun weekend of dancing and playing around those beautiful french-speaking streets. Let's hope I can keep my phone with me this time!

Feeling: excitement. I get to go to Montreal this weekend and then next week is my last week of this semester before exams. I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me but I have so much fun ahead of me too.

Listening to: Tattoo Nightmares. This has to be one of the worst shows. It's super interesting to hear people's stories about their hideous tattoos but the reenactments are so over the top! You know me though, I'm a sucker for horrible television!

Wishing for: a safe and happy weekend for everyone. To anyone celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you have a lot to be thankful for and for anyone finishing a semester within the next couple of weeks, push through it! You got it!

Happy almost-weekend!


Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekend Update

Oh what a weekend. I am seriously tuckered out! I haven't gotten the required amount of sleep in days but I had fun so it was all worth it.

Friday night basically everyone I know was at The Duke. It was SO fun. I love when you go out and get to see so many people. I laughed so much all night and didn't even care that I was DD. I choose to be DD more often than not these days because I'm too lazy to walk anywhere and I prefer not to have a hang over. I'm just boring like that. The amazing part of Friday was that I didn't even notice that I was sober while everyone was drunk. I had so much fun.

Saturday I got family pictures done with Jordan's family. I think they turned out pretty well so we'll see! After that we all went out for Indian food. It was SO delish. Then Jordan and I lazed around for the remainder of the afternoon. We even took a nice long nap. Mmm. At night I went out to a club with a few people (please appreciate my red lips above). It was pretty fun because sometimes I just love to dance and I got to get a little fancy but I don't think a club is a good place for a sober person (yes I DD'd AGAIN). It was loud and people were making out all over the place and spilling on me and bumping into me. Not cute.

Yesterday Jordan and I decorated the tiny tree in my basement, I worked on finishing his scarf (feels like it may never be done) and saw Flight at night. It was a pretty good movie, maybe a little boring at times.

So that was my weekend. Tiresome but fun!

Hope you had a good one too!


Secret of the Week

I like this particular secret because it makes me think of all of the time I haven't gone out of the way to do something nice for someone because of the way it may make me look or because it would have felt akward. I wish it didn't feel that way sometimes. I wish it was easier to let "the right thing" guide me.

Does this ever happen to you guys?


Friday, 16 November 2012

Getting in the Spirit

I'm aware it's SUPER early but I am getting a little bit excited about Christmas. Maybe this is because I won't be home after the 21st so maybe I'm actually right on time. Here are some of the things getting me excited these days.

1. Is it just me but does it seem like a rule that you have to wear sparkles during the holiday season? It's definitely not just me. I can't wait go searching for the sparkliest outfit I can! 
2.Most of all, I'm excited for Christmas goodies. Seriously...I want some peppermint bark RIGHT NOW
3. I really want to try these Christmas crafts! Christmas is so inspiring.
4. Look at these gorgeous presents! So special!

Anyone else feeling the push of Christmas spirit lately?

Well kids, today is Friday! Happy happy happy! Last night I went out to dinner with friends and we went to a bar to just hang out over drinks. Tonight we all have plans to go to the bar. Very excited. Tessa being home has brought everyone together. She wants to see EVERYONE and so my weekend has basically been planned for me at this point. I like it that way! Whenever someone says they can't come we yell TOHO (Tessa's Only Home Once). Take that Drake, we can make up acronyms too!

I believe I have decided not to do my readings unless necessary at this point. There's no reason killing myself right now to keep up instead of focusing on the task at hand. We'll see how that works out. Mostly...I'm just lazy. Damn end of semester burn out!

Bye for now!


Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Obsessing over: collars. I'm sorry but they are just adorable and I can barely resist buying a shirt when I see it has one. The one in the picture above was brought back for me from Italy. It's more like a necklace and it's hand made. It's very special to me. Any trends you guys are obsessing over?

Working on: getting my motivation back. With exam after exam and project after project I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I (as usual) have readings to catch up on but I'm thinking that will probably get done for each class before each exam. That's just the way the end of the year tends to go. C'est la vie.

Thinking about:  My future. My mom has decided that she thinks I should apply to college for next September and do a more hands on journalism course. This idea sounds like hell to me. I'm very excited to be graduating this year and two more years of school does not really get me excited. A more hands on education does sound like it could be beneficial, I just don't think I should jump into that until I send out resumes and see what my options are. She really is pushing for this though. I just feel like going back to school would be something I would do if I was out of school for a while and couldn't find a job. 2 more years of schooling could lead me to lose my hair, just saying.

Feeling: pretty content as of right now. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me in the next few weeks and even though that's a stressful idea, I'm starting to see an end in sight. After that I get a nice little break before jetting off to go on a family cruise. I'll be gone for three weeks. Sounds fabulous to me!

Listening to: Christmas music. WHY!? Because I'm being forced to at work. The scary part is that I'm finding myself singing along. I'm being brainwashed into supporting Christmas spirit way before it's necessary. Please send help!

Wishing for: a very happy, productive, relaxing and fufilling remainder of the week. It's tough to balance relaxation and work so I'm wishing for the ability to do both this week and for the rest of the semester.

Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Days

Today I met the most beautiful little bundle of joy that I ever did see. Tessa's niece is absolutely perfect. I held her until my arms ached and then I held her a little more. Usually children don't seem to like me too much, it probably has to do with the volume of my voice piercing their ear drums, but I was nice and quiet for baby Shay and she fell asleep in my arms. It was wonderful. She is a four-day-old wonder!

Today was pretty wonderful. I ignored my school work in an attempt to gain back my sanity. This morning I went out for breakfast with Amanda and her littles. We went to her midwife appointment after and I got to hear the heartbeat of my future nephew. Oh new life, you're all around me. After a very fabulous nap I went over to meet baby Shay and then Tessa and I went to Starbucks to catch up. Boy did I miss her in my life! So glad she's home for this little bit. After dinner, Erika, Tessa and I went to the gym where we worked butts off and then promptly spent a half hour "stretching" (and by stretching I mean sitting on mats and gossiping).

Oh what a wonderful day it has been. I think I have gotten at least some of my sanity back and should be back to hitting the books tomorrow (or maybe I'll put those off just a little while longer!)

Happy Tuesday my friends!


Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekend Update

First of all, I'd like to apologize for my lack of photographic evidence from the weekend. Lately I just haven't been feeling that inspired by the things around me. Nothing is catching my eye. This could be due to the fact that I'm in study mode. I hope that's the reason! This picture was taken in Jordan's room while he was taking a shower and I was admiring my outfit.

Friday night Jordan and I planned on seeing Seven Psychopaths but about 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave we just couldn't work up the strength and watched Joe Dirt on Netflix instead. I stand by this decision. That movie is much funnier than I remember, in the silliest of ways. I laughed a lot.

Saturday my family and my sister's husband's family had breakfast. We are all going on a cruise over Christmas so we discussed excursions over eggs. Dee-lish. Afterwards Jordan and I went to the matinee of Seven Pyschopaths. It was SO good. Jordan can't stop talking about it. Erika and I went to Robin's hockey game at night. We drank REALLY delicious arena hot chocolates and gossiped, of course. Afterwards I went home to study and watch old episodes of Sex and the City. Beautifully relaxing/productive evening.

Yesterday I went to church with my sister and her husband (Pat) and his family. Unfortunately right when I got there my eye was bugging me and when I took my contact out I realized there was a rip in it. I had to sit through the whole service with one contact in. It was not enjoyable. I studied after church until dinner, which was some delicious pasta! After that I studied while Jordan and I watched the Walking Dead. Sooo good. I kind of have a think for zombies so I may never get sick of this show.

I wish I hadn't had to study all weekend but I still managed to have some fun. After my exam tonight I have to wait around until 7 to have a group meeting for a project and then will FINALLY get to go home. Tomorrow will be fun. I'm going out with my sister and the kids she nannies to lunch which is always fun. My dear friend Tessa came home from B.C because he sister had her baby! Me and Tess are going out for coffee and then I get to meet baby Shay. SO excited.

Well pals, that's all for now.


Secret of the Week

I guess I like this secret because it seems so relevant to my life. I always find myself wondering if my education is really going to do anything for me or if I'll just end up in some field I never even wanted to be in. It's a scary thought and it would be nice to know now if it will all be worth it. If someone told me it wasn't, I probably wouldn't listen anyways.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Life Lately

1. Christmas is slowly making it's way into my apartment. I'm very against anything Christmas before December 1st but I think that stopping in Hallmark with my mom and lovingly admiring their Christmas decorations kind of won me over. 2. This is how I unpacked from Montreal. I basically dumped my luggage onto the floor and spent the next couple days stepping over it. I finally hung it up last night and decided that I have WAY too many clothes. No wonder I'm poor. 3. Thursdays can be very wonderful when you get to wake up to coffee and a parfait and all you have on the schedule is reading and watching television.

So my test on Wednesday is finally done with. My motivation to study for it was pretty pathetic but luckily it was pretty easy and I think I came out of there with a solid B (no complaints here). Today I was very excited because my 8:30am class was cancelled so that means I don't have class until 1:30 today. That excitement was shot down when my group members for a presentation we have in a couple weeks suggested we meet here at noon to talk about articles I have yet to read. I got here at 10, read the articles and about ten minutes ago got an email cancelling. At least I can say I've been productive today.

Monday is yet another midterm (apparently they never end). I caught up on all my reading for it yesterday so this weekend is just gonna be filled with writing my notes in between cuddling with Jordan and watching tv. I wish I could say I was as excited that it's Friday today as I usually am but a Monday exam seems to take all of the fun out of it.

What I am excited for is to take Jordan to see Seven Psychopaths this weekend. I love to take him out when I have the extra cash since he is usually so adimant to pay and loves to take us out on expensive dinners (he's so sweet). He's been wanting to see this movie for a while and I'm really excited because it's playing at the Princess Theatre which is an old theatre in downtown Waterloo. It's so old and charming, I'll take any excuse I can to go there.

So that's my weekends kids, a mix of studying, lazing and love time.

Hope y'all find something fun to do!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Motivationally Bankrupt

*Please enjoy this completely irrelevant photo*

Hey sillies. Sorry but I have resorted to using a picture from tumblr for my post today. I haven't taken any photos lately because my iphone has been gone so instead I think we should all look at this girl's hair. It's perfection and mine WILL look like that one day...hopefully.

I do not believe I will be doing a currently today (or maybe this week). I'd rather just do this today. Enjoy it!

Yesterday I got a new iphone. SO happy. I got it around noon and it didn't work until like 7pm because apparently 1,500 iphone 5s were also being registered so I had to wait a long time. I'm just glad I have it back and I'm slowly working on getting my apps back and making it mine again.

I have a test tonight. SO not looking forward to it. I only started studying yesterday and really have been half-assing it. My motivation these days is at an all time low. This weekend has tuckered me out and I'm just at that point in the semester where I feel like I've done so much work but still have so much work ahead of me. It's a little demoralizing but I have to push through it. I have a psychology midterm on Monday so I will get myself back on track for that. Oh readings, why are there so many of you?

Most importantly: Barack Obama won the election last night (in case any of you live under a rock). As a Canadian I know this doesn't effect me as much as it would an American but I am so happy he won. Im sorry but that Mitt Romney had some ideas that I seriously disagreed with. Good job America!

Well, that my friends is my life right now. Hope everyone is staying warm!


Monday, 5 November 2012

Weekend Update of the Craziest Weekend of All Time

This weekend had been the craziest, funniest, silliest, most insane weekend I've had in a long time. Oh Montreal, I love you but I cannot keep up with you and your mean streets.

Friday we finally ended up leaving town around 1. It was Erika, Britney and I riding together. Erika and I stayed in a hotel where her sister, Emma,  joined us and Brit stayed with her boyfriend. It took us about 6 and a half hours to get there and by then we were very ready to just have fun. We showered, got settled in and started our predrink. We got out of our hotel around 11 and headed to Britt's boyfriend's house to join their predrink. We finally got to the club around 2 and danced our butts off until it closed. It was incredibly fun and I probably drank more than I should have...well, I definitely did seeing as I lost my phone. Seriously, you have no idea how depressed I am about that. I have no idea how I lost it/if it was stolen but I feel very lost without it. I have no alarm, no way to contact anyone and no internet at the touch of my fingers. SO sad. I'm going to go and try to see about getting a new one tomorrow. Boo for having to spend money and boo for losing my phone putting a damper on my night!

Saturday morning we woke up at 9:30 which is amazing considering we went to bed around 4. Robin was there with his hockey team so he brought Me, Erika and Emma coffees (so sweet) and then the four of us went out for breakfast. The rest of the day was spent shopping and then we came home for a nap before going to Robin's hockey game at 7. Unfortunately, they lost but McGill is a really tough team. After, Erika, Emma and I went to the Keg and it was pure deliciousness. By the time we got home it was like 11 so we had to get ready and predrink fast. The picture above is from us that night. I'd say we clean up very nicely (ps Emma is on the left and Erika is on the right). We went out to a club called Tokyo with Robin and his hockey team and danced the night away. We had so much fun and no phones were lost so I'd call it a success.

Yesterday we got out of Montreal by 12:30 and didn't get home until 9. SO ROUGH. We got stuck in traffic for two hours in Toronto. I wanted to die. I'm just happy I'm home now. Montreal was amazing, like a-maze-ing but there's nothing like the comfort of home. That city chewed me up and spit me out, so to speak, and we've decided that we don't need to go out again until 2013. Tuckered out.

Today I am sick. ICK. The city really did tear me down a bit. Stupid cold. I have work and then an hour of school before I'm free to curl up in my pajamas and die. I'm glad my mom and stepdad are coming home so we can try to figure out my phone situation.

Ahhh what a weekend. So much fun and so much silly. Hope everyone had a weekend to remember too!
Missed you!


Secret of the Week

I love this secret. It just seems to cathartic and freeing. It's just so awesome to picture someone doing something that probably helped them move on. I hope she feels better!


Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Last Hurdle Before Montreal

Hey y'all. Guess what? Tomorrow is the day!! Montreal day! WOOOT.

Before I can get excited that I have to write 1,250 words of nonsense for my Critical Advertising class and I have yet to start. I woke up bright and early this morning (8am) to say goodbye to my mom and stepdad. Those two lucky ducks are off to Niagara Falls for the night and then they get to fly to Missouri. I wish I could go! They are going to Chelsea and Sam's baby shower. SO sad I won't get to see Chelsea at her biggest and get to see how excited Sam is about his future little girl but such is life. Anyways, I rolled around in bed for about an hour telling myself I would get up around 9:30 but instead fell asleep and then couldn't get myself up until 11.

I am currently at the library trying to get the inspirational juices flowing. I just realllyyy don't want to do this damn paper. Five whole pages on some stupid ad I have yet to even decide on. Prof! Why do you do this to me? (I get a little dramatic sometimes when I'm staring a deadline right in the face).

I just have to remember that a few hours here and it will be done and then I can pack and get myself ready for an exciting weekend! I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures in our beautiful french-speaking province.

Wish me luck my friends!