Friday, 9 November 2012

Life Lately

1. Christmas is slowly making it's way into my apartment. I'm very against anything Christmas before December 1st but I think that stopping in Hallmark with my mom and lovingly admiring their Christmas decorations kind of won me over. 2. This is how I unpacked from Montreal. I basically dumped my luggage onto the floor and spent the next couple days stepping over it. I finally hung it up last night and decided that I have WAY too many clothes. No wonder I'm poor. 3. Thursdays can be very wonderful when you get to wake up to coffee and a parfait and all you have on the schedule is reading and watching television.

So my test on Wednesday is finally done with. My motivation to study for it was pretty pathetic but luckily it was pretty easy and I think I came out of there with a solid B (no complaints here). Today I was very excited because my 8:30am class was cancelled so that means I don't have class until 1:30 today. That excitement was shot down when my group members for a presentation we have in a couple weeks suggested we meet here at noon to talk about articles I have yet to read. I got here at 10, read the articles and about ten minutes ago got an email cancelling. At least I can say I've been productive today.

Monday is yet another midterm (apparently they never end). I caught up on all my reading for it yesterday so this weekend is just gonna be filled with writing my notes in between cuddling with Jordan and watching tv. I wish I could say I was as excited that it's Friday today as I usually am but a Monday exam seems to take all of the fun out of it.

What I am excited for is to take Jordan to see Seven Psychopaths this weekend. I love to take him out when I have the extra cash since he is usually so adimant to pay and loves to take us out on expensive dinners (he's so sweet). He's been wanting to see this movie for a while and I'm really excited because it's playing at the Princess Theatre which is an old theatre in downtown Waterloo. It's so old and charming, I'll take any excuse I can to go there.

So that's my weekends kids, a mix of studying, lazing and love time.

Hope y'all find something fun to do!


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