Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekend Update

Oh what a weekend. I am seriously tuckered out! I haven't gotten the required amount of sleep in days but I had fun so it was all worth it.

Friday night basically everyone I know was at The Duke. It was SO fun. I love when you go out and get to see so many people. I laughed so much all night and didn't even care that I was DD. I choose to be DD more often than not these days because I'm too lazy to walk anywhere and I prefer not to have a hang over. I'm just boring like that. The amazing part of Friday was that I didn't even notice that I was sober while everyone was drunk. I had so much fun.

Saturday I got family pictures done with Jordan's family. I think they turned out pretty well so we'll see! After that we all went out for Indian food. It was SO delish. Then Jordan and I lazed around for the remainder of the afternoon. We even took a nice long nap. Mmm. At night I went out to a club with a few people (please appreciate my red lips above). It was pretty fun because sometimes I just love to dance and I got to get a little fancy but I don't think a club is a good place for a sober person (yes I DD'd AGAIN). It was loud and people were making out all over the place and spilling on me and bumping into me. Not cute.

Yesterday Jordan and I decorated the tiny tree in my basement, I worked on finishing his scarf (feels like it may never be done) and saw Flight at night. It was a pretty good movie, maybe a little boring at times.

So that was my weekend. Tiresome but fun!

Hope you had a good one too!


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