Friday, 16 November 2012

Getting in the Spirit

I'm aware it's SUPER early but I am getting a little bit excited about Christmas. Maybe this is because I won't be home after the 21st so maybe I'm actually right on time. Here are some of the things getting me excited these days.

1. Is it just me but does it seem like a rule that you have to wear sparkles during the holiday season? It's definitely not just me. I can't wait go searching for the sparkliest outfit I can! 
2.Most of all, I'm excited for Christmas goodies. Seriously...I want some peppermint bark RIGHT NOW
3. I really want to try these Christmas crafts! Christmas is so inspiring.
4. Look at these gorgeous presents! So special!

Anyone else feeling the push of Christmas spirit lately?

Well kids, today is Friday! Happy happy happy! Last night I went out to dinner with friends and we went to a bar to just hang out over drinks. Tonight we all have plans to go to the bar. Very excited. Tessa being home has brought everyone together. She wants to see EVERYONE and so my weekend has basically been planned for me at this point. I like it that way! Whenever someone says they can't come we yell TOHO (Tessa's Only Home Once). Take that Drake, we can make up acronyms too!

I believe I have decided not to do my readings unless necessary at this point. There's no reason killing myself right now to keep up instead of focusing on the task at hand. We'll see how that works out. Mostly...I'm just lazy. Damn end of semester burn out!

Bye for now!


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