Thursday, 22 November 2012

*Sorry there was no Currently yesterday. I was a busy, busy bee*

Obsessing over: pomegranates. I'm so glad they are back in season. I love to just grab a half of a pomegranate, jump on the couch and waste a good hour picking at this delicious fruit. Plus they're just so pretty. I highly recommend that someone makes a pomegranate pattern on a blouse (I'll take two!)

Working on: getting myself in order for all of next weeks assignments. I have one test, two papers and one final essay due next week. It will not be fun but if I start thinking about them now it shouldn't be too tough. One more week of classes, people!

Thinking about:  this weekend! I'm back on the road to Montreal this weekend. Erika and he family are taking me for Emma's birthday. Should be another fun weekend of dancing and playing around those beautiful french-speaking streets. Let's hope I can keep my phone with me this time!

Feeling: excitement. I get to go to Montreal this weekend and then next week is my last week of this semester before exams. I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me but I have so much fun ahead of me too.

Listening to: Tattoo Nightmares. This has to be one of the worst shows. It's super interesting to hear people's stories about their hideous tattoos but the reenactments are so over the top! You know me though, I'm a sucker for horrible television!

Wishing for: a safe and happy weekend for everyone. To anyone celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you have a lot to be thankful for and for anyone finishing a semester within the next couple of weeks, push through it! You got it!

Happy almost-weekend!


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