Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekend Update

Man oh man. What a weekend.

Friday I had to leave RIGHT after I got home from school. Literally got out of my car, ran downstairs to grab my stuff and then had to leave. After a six hour drive we finally got there at 11:30 and immediately got to drinking so we could go out. It was an insane night. We danced so much and had so much fun. It was a really weird club though because there were these couches everywhere and when I tried to climb over one I fell and ended up folded over the couch with my butt in the air. Of course Erika and I died laughing and ran away immediately. After the club we all went back to the hotel and ate copious amounts of poutine. YUM.

Saturday we spent the afternoon doing a little shopping. I got Lulu Lemon shorts for 20 dollars and capris for 35 dollars. Best.Deal.Ever. I can't wait to work out now haha. We took a nap after shopping and then went out for dinner at the Keg. Yum. That night we all went out to another club. We froze our butts off in line but we had fun dancing a bit. Somehow the second night never lives up to the first. Oh well.

Sunday morning I woke up in a daze and was immediately thrown into the shower by Erika. So glad she did that because I felt so good afterwards. Hangovers are hard work, people. We went shopping downtown for a few hours and I got some goooood stuff. I wish I was richer, could have bought the whole street worth of stuff! We left Montreal around 3 and got home at 10. It felt so good to be home and my bed was very welcoming.

Today I'm slightly exhausted. I am pretty suprised that I'm functioning but I have a giant coffee in hand. I have about a million things due this week since it's the last week of classes so I have to immediately get back into work mode. Poo poo.

So that was my wild and extremely crazy weekend. I'm actually suprised we all survived. Alright, off to get some work done.


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