Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Obsessing over: the afterglow app. I far as bloggers' obsession with this app goes, I'm a little late to the game. I was actually trying to avoid it a bit. I know it sounds stupid but it was so hyped that it felt a little overdone. I finally gave in and I'm so glad. I love the filters and the frames and the fact that you can send it right to your instagram. Label my smitten.

Working on: what else but school work? I have a test this evening that I spent the afternoon studying for yesterday and then after dinner I drove myself to my university to take advantage of the library's late hours and write a paper. It only took three hours which I found impressive. Tomorrow I have to write an even longer paper, so much library time is in order as well. Can the time for me to leave for the cruise just get here already?

Thinking about:  Christmas shopping! Is anyone else in full panic mode yet? Oh man I really should start seeing as I have to have it done before I leave on the 21st. Anyone wanna lend me about $1000?

Feeling: a wee bit bummed. I got to work today to find out that I'd sent some emails to clients with the wrong information on them which made one client miss their appointment yesterday. It was an honest mistake but it's still so annoying and it feels like I get looked at differently when I mess up, like I'm not doing my job correctly. It's such a downer to the day.

Listening to: the beautiful hum of my little heater. I don't know about you but my only goal this winter has been to stay warm. That means basically planning my outfits around sweaters and boots. I refuse to be cold which means that anything with short sleeves is off limits. Bye bye t-shirts, see you next year.

Wishing for: the discipline to get through the rest of this week. In order to get all my papers done (the last one is due Sunday) I really need to buckle down. Jordan's off work right now which means there's always something more fun I could be doing than studying but I know I have the power to push through this stressful time.

Happy Wednesday!


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