Friday, 23 November 2012

Au Revouir for Now

Hey y'all. Today is a good day. I spent the morning in class, which isn't so great but on my break today I went and had breakfast with my sister and the kids she nannies (Everette and Peighton). They make for a silly day.

Currently I am sitting in the library trying to waste time between class and listening to Lana Del Ray's This is What Makes us Girls on repeat. I realllyyy want to be one of her friends from high school. It sounds incredibly fun and also super badass. Time machine please?

Well people, only about 4 hours until I embark on my trip to Montreal. I have to run home right after my class ends at 4:20, grab my stuff and leave. It is gonna feel a little hectic but once I get in the car we will have six hours of open road ahead of us. Hopefully I will spend this time working on papers. I can't wait to get to that crazy french city and see where the night takes us, even if it only takes us to our hotel room to veg out. I doubt that will happen since we will have been couped up in a car for six hours, I'm sure Erika will be jumping around and ready for us to go dance.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend planned as well!


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