Thursday, 29 November 2012

School Daze

Oh just another day spent at the library. What else is new? Today I'm working on a ten page paper due tomorrow. Don't worry, I can handle it...probably. It's basically already written because I had to do a proposal a while back that made me do all my research so it shouldn't be so bad. The bad part is the amount of hours I'm gonna have to force out of myself to get this done. I just have to keep telling myself this is your last year. this is your last year. this is your last year.

Isn't there something about this time of year that makes you just want to curl up? There is for me but I guess my curling up will just have to involve some essay writing, and hopefully a few more skinny vanilla lattes. yum yum yum. 

Well kids, that's my day. Nothing to see here.

Stay warm and stay cozy!


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