Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Motivationally Bankrupt

*Please enjoy this completely irrelevant photo*

Hey sillies. Sorry but I have resorted to using a picture from tumblr for my post today. I haven't taken any photos lately because my iphone has been gone so instead I think we should all look at this girl's hair. It's perfection and mine WILL look like that one day...hopefully.

I do not believe I will be doing a currently today (or maybe this week). I'd rather just do this today. Enjoy it!

Yesterday I got a new iphone. SO happy. I got it around noon and it didn't work until like 7pm because apparently 1,500 iphone 5s were also being registered so I had to wait a long time. I'm just glad I have it back and I'm slowly working on getting my apps back and making it mine again.

I have a test tonight. SO not looking forward to it. I only started studying yesterday and really have been half-assing it. My motivation these days is at an all time low. This weekend has tuckered me out and I'm just at that point in the semester where I feel like I've done so much work but still have so much work ahead of me. It's a little demoralizing but I have to push through it. I have a psychology midterm on Monday so I will get myself back on track for that. Oh readings, why are there so many of you?

Most importantly: Barack Obama won the election last night (in case any of you live under a rock). As a Canadian I know this doesn't effect me as much as it would an American but I am so happy he won. Im sorry but that Mitt Romney had some ideas that I seriously disagreed with. Good job America!

Well, that my friends is my life right now. Hope everyone is staying warm!


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