Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bow Obsession

I don't know if I've ever told you before...but I have a sick obsession with bows. I LOVE THEM. They are the prettiest, girliest little touches that when added to an outfit make me feel ultra-fem.

I was scrolling through my pinterest the other day and realized just how obsessed with bows I am. They were everywhere! I thought I'd share some of my favourite bow pins I found!

All of the images are from pinterest except for the last one. The last one is from my instagram and it's my chalk board cabinet and I love it. You can also see my obsession for Paris which I think I shall tell you about some other time (get excited).

That's all for now. Bows or die!!


No Time, That's Fine

Above is a picture to illustrate the fact that I no longer have the strength to get up and do my hair in the morning. Head bands for life! I'm not even going to lie to you, that picture is from last week. Today is much, much rougher, I kid you not. In order to counter balance what is hapenning on my head I wear cute bow rings to remind myself that pretty still exists. Dramatic, yes. Guilty, no! I get a good 15 extra minutes of sleep and that's amazing so there!
Today is FINALLY the last day of work. Can't be happier. What's really freaking me out is all the CRAP I have to do tonight. Dinner with my sister and then watching the soccer game of one of the kids she nannies, grabbing last minute essentials, packing, seeing the boyfriend. AH! No sleep tonight that's for sure.

I have nothing else to report besides my vacation excitement.

Have a fabulous day pals!


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Is Vacation Time Here Yet?

I am so ready to get outta here! Just so excited for 10 days without work! I still have a lot of running around to do before we leave so that's kind of freaking me out and I want to catch up with a few friends and fit some boyfriend time in so I'm sure the next couple of days will fly by.

I thought I could take my iphone with me but my mother has informed me that they don't want to pay the roaming charges so I have to leave it home. Yes, I'm a 21 year old whos parents pay her cell phone bills. Don't be jealous, I'm just milking it for all I can until the fateful day comes when she remembers that most people's parents don't do that for their kids. (Shhhh don't tell her!) Anyways, I was hoping I could keep you guys updated through instagram if you were interested but instead I guess I will just have to lug my laptop around and try to fit in some blog time. Dedication my friends, sweet dedication.

In other, more terrifying news, I think I am getting sick. Everytime I try to talk my throat starts to tickle so much that I have to cough about three times every other sentence. Annoying. Especially annoying because my vacation is coming soon! I guess I'll just have to load up on the ColdFX and hope it does the trick. Wish me luck.

For your enjoyment, here is what I am wearing on this glorious Tuesday:

Au revoir mes amis (that's french, pretty impressive right? I know)


Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekend Update

Here are a couple of things I looked upon this weekend:

Friday I went out with my best friend to finish up getting the boyfriend's birthday present. Of course I had to grab something for myself and those rings were just too adorable to pass up. I went out for dinner with the boyfriend later and afterwards we went for a long bikeride where I snapped the photo of the sunset above. Sometimes I forget how pretty my town can be. Good job Hespeler! You did it!

Saturday I spent the day running around like a maniac trying to get the boyfriend to his surprise party without having him catch on. I swear I developed a nervous twitch that day. The highlight of the day was when the boyfriend decided that he was not feeling the bar and thought maybe he wanted to just stay home...what a life ruiner. Luckily when he found out a lot of people wanted to drink he was in. He showed up at the bar with his friends and it was only me and my two best friends. I dragged him over to a door pretending I had some exciting news. I opened the door behind him and he turned around to find all of our friends screaming "SURPRISE!" Lots of people showed up and he said he had no idea. It was a very successful night and I'm very happy.

Yesterday  was my cousin's fiance's wedding shower (to which I donned my new ring!). It was incredibly boring. I just might not have that girly gene where I think staring at someone opening a cutlery set is interesting but I was ready to leave before I got there. It only lasted a couple of hours and then I came home to have dinner for the boyfriends birthday after which I took him out to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Pretty weird movie, I must say, but entertaining nonetheless. I prefer the vampires of True Blood, sorry Mr. Lincoln.

All together I had a successful weekend. It was very busy and I'm very tired this morning but it was worth it.

I only work three days this weekend and then road trip! VACATION! I can't even believe it! NO WORK! YAY! Counting down the seconds!


Friday, 22 June 2012

It's the Weekend (Almost!)

Since I have no pictures of any interest, here is a beautiful song for you to listen. I picked it because it's awesome (duh) and they sing about the sun. Hearing a song about beautiful weather is only fun when your weather is also beautiful. In the middle of winter I DO NOT want to hear a song about the beach. Luckily, it's gorgeous right now so SUN SUN SUN SUN it is! It's called 5 years Time by Noah and the Whale. It's a very happy little ditty. I hope it brings up everyone's spirits.
ANYWHO, I have the busiest weekend ahead of me. The boyfriend's birthday is Sunday. We're having a surprise party for him Saturday (shhhh) at a local bar. I'm crapping myself (no, not really) because I'm so scared about the surprise not working at. I just hope everyone shows up before he does and that he doesn't catch on! Ahhh. Also I've got lots of homework and lots of people to catch up with. It's nice to be busy though!

In other news, 6 days until vacation! WOOHOO! I'm so excited to make a stop in Chicago. I've never been and it looks like a wonderful city. I'm even more excited to go on the 16 hour road trip. Call me weird but I love them. Maybe I'll finally catch up on my readings? Probably not.

Does anyone else have any other big plans in their lives? I'd love to hear from you!

Enjoy the weekend!


Wednesday, 20 June 2012


So I decided last night that it would still be cool to braid my hair before I go to sleep and have krimped hair in the morning. Well guess what...I was right. BOOM!

Today I'm working a half day cause I have a doctors appointment. Half day = awesome. Doctors = scary people with akward questions about your "sexual history" who like to stick their hands up your shirt and put cold stethoscopes on your chest. Jerks. It's only a check up but I convince myself I have multiple diseases beforehand and therefore don't want to go because I'm thinking it's where I'll get my death sentence. Delusional, I know. My favourite bagel and coffee shop is on the same street as my doctors so that will make the day worth it.

Also my hair is an odd mix of brown and black that can only come from trusting your mom to dye your hair while she makes dinner at the same time. I may or may not give it a fresh dye tonight. Lucky for me, I don't consider it as hideous as it probably is, and I've already been living with it for a few weeks now so I'm really in no rush.

That's what today looks like for me, krimpy, multi-hued and filled with coffee and sitting on benches with weird paper underneath my butt.


The Show Me State

As I mentioned before, I will always have a special place in my heart for the state of Missouri but today I will finally tell you why.

When I was in the second grade by Dad got a job in the states and we had to move to St.Joseph, Missouri. Of course I thought my life was ending but when we got there I quickly forgot about my life back in Canada and happily settled into my life in the States. It was a pretty smooth transition but I think we can mostly thank that to our new friends The Carvers. Kevin was my Dad's boss and invited us over to their farm one day. It was huge! They had animals and a giant barn, and dirt bike and kittens and three kids for me and my sister to play with. The Carvers became our family and in the four years that we lived in Missouri we probably saw them every single weekend. This was one of the happiest times in any of our lives.

Unfortunately my Dad's plant closed down and we had to move back to Canada. It wasn't long after we moved back that my parents started having trouble and had split up by the time I got to highschool. We didn't go back to Missouri after that because life got in the way and we were afraid the new dynamic of double families might have changed things.My mom and stepdad visited a couple years ago and it was quickly proven to us that nothing could change with the Carvers.

Last summer I got the opportunity to intern at the NBC news station in Kansas City and I quickly grabbed at the chance! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When Joplin hit I was there the very next morning. It was heartbreaking but taught me so much, not only about reporting but about life. Working at NBC has been one of the best things I ever did. I'm so proud of all of the work I did and I know now with certainty that I want to report.

My sister also got engaged while I was down there this summer and I got to fly home and help her pick her dress which was such a great and bonding experience.

My mom and stepdad came and visited me while I was in Missouri and we all saw the Carvers so many times. I even went to stay at their farm a few weekends. Even though our families have changed and everyone has grown up I saw that the Carvers are still family to us and I love them. We went to their daughter's wedding in September and they came to my sister's in December. I love all the memories that I made last summer and the fact that we are all continuing to make memories.

Next week we are going to the Carver's for the fourth of July which is always amazing! I cannot wait!

So if you have sat and read through that you now know why Missouri is my most beloved state. It holds some of the nearest and dearest people to me and all of the memories that go along with them.

For good measure, here is a picture of me drinving a vintage car on the Carver's farm.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I Do Believe This Will Be Mine Soon

I have been dreaming over this record player from Urban Outfitters for months now! I am obsessed and it will finally be mine soon! Unfortunately for me this does not ship outside of the U.S or I would probably own it by now! Luckily though, I am going to the states next week! Hooray! I called the Kansas City UO and they have six in stock so I can't wait to grab one up while I'm there.

What is it about playing records that just seems so much better than cds or ipods? It just feels so much more intimate and old fashioned. So amazing. I can't wait to start myself a record collection either. Here are some I'm thinking of picking up as my first:

The Black Keys album and the Edward Sharpe album are available at UO but She & Him is not :( I'm leaning towards Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros though. I've been really getting into them lately and Home is one of my favourite songs. I'm sure it would be amazing on vinyl.

I can't wait to get it but until then I need to curb my spending a tad. This is extremely hard because look what I found today:

The prettiest blouse I've ever seen! It's from Ruche and it's gorgeous! I'll just have to put it on a back shelf until I get my beautiful record player.

Dream on. Dream on.


Busiest of Bees

Yesterday was productive in all the best ways. I worked the day away, which is never ideal but of course necessary. Right after work I raced off the gym to meet my best friend where I put my workout gear to good use, as opposed to how I usually use it ( to accomodate a full tummy after a big meal). We took a cycling class and it was amazing. I love cycling and I hadn't been in a bit so I worked my butt off and it felt so good. After, I met the boyfriend for a pita, went home and took a nap and then woke up to finish some readings. I was even able to fit in some tv and nail painting! WHEW! Whatta day! (And before you is not the Kate Middleton ring. It's just a saphire and I had it before they got engaged so THERE!)

Today I'm probably going to have to drag my sorry butt to the library after work and hit the books hard. Such is life my friends.

Hope everyone is able to fit in all their work and play today!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Weekend Update

Here's what the weekend looked like for me:

My Weekend has consisted of a movie date, a 1st communion, a pizza date, a stag and doe, a fathers day brunch and a whole lotta food I probably shouldn't have eaten. Off to the gym tomorrow night to live with the consequences. Sigh sigh.

Next weekend is the boyfriend's birthday! I'm excited cause I have a little something planned that I can't talk of just yet. In 11 days I'm leaving for a trip with my family. Driving to Chicago and then to Missouri for the 4th of July! I promised I would tell you about my love for Missouri so you can expect that this week.

Busy week at school so I plan to spend the next 5 days with my face in a book. Double sigh sigh!

Hope the weekend held good things for everyone else!


Friday, 15 June 2012

I'm Working on It

To begin with, here is a beautiful picture of the bloomed flowers I woke up to this morning:

Pretty gorgeous, huh? When my mom put them in my apartment they were closed and I woke up this morning to find these! Probably the prettiest things I've ever layed my eyes upon.

Speaking of pictures, I've been thinking a lot about the ones I have been displaying on my blog thus far and I must admit, 99% of them are from instagram. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but if anyone wanted to follow my instagram then there would be no suprises on my blog. I've seen this before with other bloggers and it's just not as fun! I'm going to start working on taking pictures with my Canon. This way I can put BOTH kinds of pictures on here and have more beautiful things for everyone else to look at. Sound good?? Good! This blog is definitely a work in progress and I feel like it always will be which is a good thing. I'm also thinking of making some weekly reoccuring posts. Maybe a Weekly Wears Wednesday or a Music Monday? Just thoughts!

This weekend is a busy one for me! My cousin is having her 1st communion Saturday and so we are having a party at my house during the day. Then that night another one of my cousins is having his stag and doe. I'm so excited for that! He's getting married to such a nice girl and I just can't wait to see what their wedding will be like (eek!)

Anyways, just thought I'd share with you some plans for the blog, as well as some plans for my weekend. If you have any suggestions on how I could improve I'd be very happy to hear them.

Happy Friday!


Thursday, 14 June 2012


You'll be so glad to hear that I am fully recovered. Hooray!

Today and tomorrow I'm at work alone which I absolutely love! I watch old episodes of The Real World (I'm obsessed okay!) on while I work and its always just so relaxing. Phones aren't ringing like wild, clients are coming in and out of the doors and people aren't walking around asking questions. It's very nice.

Today I'm going to treat myself to a long lunch with my sister. She is a nanny and takes care of 5 kids all under 6! I don't know how she does it! Lucky for her school is still in for most of them so she only has the two two-year-olds during most week days. The little boys name is Everette and he is the most amazing kid. She's had him since before he could even sit up by himself. I love him so much and feel like I've watched him grow up! The little girls name is Peighton and she is the cutest thing I've ever seen. She's so adorable and girly and is obsessed with my sister. Precious. Needless to say, I'm excited to see the three of them today.

I'm also happy today because I'm wearing this:

Bows-galore! I feel like Zooey Deschannel when I wear this dress and that always makes for a good day!

Hope everyone's day feels as happy and relaxed as mine!

Au Revior!


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sick Days are Terribly Underrated

Instead of working I get to do this all day:

Eat Spaghettios and watch tv in my bed all day! Raddest of the rad.

I have been feeling a little ill as of late and decided that the only way to recover was to just take a day of rest and sleep it off. I slept in until 1 today! It was amazing! 

Generally I feel really bad about taking a day off. I basically feel like I'm never sick enough to warrant a sick day and I usually have so much going on I just don't have time. Today I woke up for work feeling sick and thought about what I would miss out on if I stayed home. The planets aligned because I am caught up on all my work and therefore feel zero guilt about taking a day to feel better.

I also have been cuddeled in bed reading my new book that my sweet boyfriend bought me last night at our trip to the bookstore:

This book is awesome so far. Such a cool story of the odd closeness people experience in suburban life. I'd recommend it so far but I'm only about 50 pages in. I can't wait to see the movie after. 

Eventually I plan on hitting the books but until then you can find me wrapped in in a blanket and just enjoying a day where no one expects a thing from me.


Monday, 11 June 2012

Bloggin' Aint Easy

I must first admit...I am SO happy I started a blog. I'm obsessed with you can probably see by the fact that I am posting as often as I can. I love it! I had been throwing the idea around for a long time because I wasn't quite sure what I would blog about or if anyone would care or if my blog would be everything I wanted it to be. When I started making up blog posts in my head about every day events I knew it was time to start one.

But it has been a bit hard. I'm pretty sure at this point I'm the only one who cares about this blog. I haven't told anyone I know about my blog as of yet because it just feels kind of personal so far. I feel like since no one I know has anything but a tumblr they won't understand why I want to chronicle my life on the internet. I know I just started this less than a week ago so I'm trying to just keep posting and hope anyone cares what I have to say. Also I want my blog to be the most beautiful thing EVER! I stare out other peoples' blog layouts all the time now trying to see if there is something else I'd like to change about mine. It's an obsession and I love it!

I hope if I keep focusing on my blog and the enjoyment I'm getting out of writing it now then soon enough others will get some enjoyment out of it as well.

Good news is I created my new theme and I think it's beautiful. The next thing I wanna focus on is a handmade header. Maybe my blog title in handwriting? Who knows.

Until then, if anyone out there is listening I appreciate you!


One of the Best Shows on Television

Is...GIRLS on HBO!

I watched this show on a limb and now I cannot get enough of it. I came into the season late and watched all 5 episodes in one sitting and then two days later watched them all over again.

This show is absolutely hilarious! The main character, Hannah (Second from the right) is probably one of the most akward human beings ever but in the most hilarious of ways. All of the girls are so funny in such different ways. I always find myself bursting out laughing while I watch.

This isn't just a funny's a real show. Girls does not hold anything back. It takes you through every second of akward sexual experiences, breakups, pap tests, job interviews and every moment in between. It's just so real. It's not about a bunch of fabulous girls living in New York City and running around in Manolos, these girls are struggling and confused and just real.

I love this show so much because of the fact that it's not sugar coated in the least. This is what 20-somethings are going through and it's nice to see that life doesn't need to be glamourized for us to feel good about it.

I LOVE GIRLS! (Didn't think that was how this conversation was gonna end...did yah?)

Hope you go check it out!


Tattoo Obsession

So I've kind of been obsessed with looking at tattoos as of lately. I seriously think that tattoos are so cool if done right and can really say alot about a persons style. I envy the fearlessness of people with full sleeves. Unfortunately I am not the lifetime commital type so as of now I'm just looking. Maybe one day I'll take the plunge but the fact that I'll probably find myself in an office enviroment makes me a little wary of getting a tattoo...also I can hardly make it through a day and still like my outfit, how would I be able to make it through my whole life liking the same tattoo?!

I have a serious obsession with bird tattoos...I tend to fancy myself as a free bird. Also I just think they look so inspiring. It makes me want to fly out into the world. explanation is getting a little lame so I'll move on.

Here are some of my current obsessions:

This one is my absolute favourite. So beautiful.

Everything about this one is amazing. The placement is perfect.

I love a good foot tattoo just as much as the next girl

Like I bird baby

I have a serious thing for tattoos in this spot. Just.Awesome.

Birds of a feather...get tattoos together??

Also...this is completely coincidental but look what shirt I'm wearing today:

I am NOT joking around when I say I like the birds people. Yah gotta believe me!

Well, those are my wishes as far as tattoos go. I hope one day I can work up the courage to get, one until then I'll just jealously stare at other peoples'.


(All photos via)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Ain't No Fun Day

Currently I am exactly 50% done my studying for my midterm tomorrow night. Still have about 4 hours of studying ahead of me and it's almost 9pm...dammit.

Today I went to the university to study because the public library is closed on Sundays all summer which meant I drove 25 minutes and paid 7 dollars to park. I tried studying in the library but apparently they don't believe in air conditioning anymore so I moved over to the student center. I came home for the biggest dinner and had to immediately throw on my stretchy pants to accommodate all of the delicious food in my belly (don't judge me).

Here's what today has looked like:

 This is my I-don't-want-to-be-here-but-it-is-what-it-is face
Like my smudgy screen? Yeah it's this new thing all the cool kids are doing now

These are the aforementioned stretchy pants that immediately preceded supper
Nike running pants are best for after big dinners and they make you look sporty...which you are obviously not if you use them to accommodate a big supper..tricky tricky 

This song is most definitely the best song on Jack White's new album and I've found myself watching the video on repeat today wishing I was a badass kid like the ones in the video...weird? I don't care

Hope Sunday was a restful day for everyone else. Back to work for me!