Monday, 11 June 2012

One of the Best Shows on Television

Is...GIRLS on HBO!

I watched this show on a limb and now I cannot get enough of it. I came into the season late and watched all 5 episodes in one sitting and then two days later watched them all over again.

This show is absolutely hilarious! The main character, Hannah (Second from the right) is probably one of the most akward human beings ever but in the most hilarious of ways. All of the girls are so funny in such different ways. I always find myself bursting out laughing while I watch.

This isn't just a funny's a real show. Girls does not hold anything back. It takes you through every second of akward sexual experiences, breakups, pap tests, job interviews and every moment in between. It's just so real. It's not about a bunch of fabulous girls living in New York City and running around in Manolos, these girls are struggling and confused and just real.

I love this show so much because of the fact that it's not sugar coated in the least. This is what 20-somethings are going through and it's nice to see that life doesn't need to be glamourized for us to feel good about it.

I LOVE GIRLS! (Didn't think that was how this conversation was gonna end...did yah?)

Hope you go check it out!


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