Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I Do Believe This Will Be Mine Soon

I have been dreaming over this record player from Urban Outfitters for months now! I am obsessed and it will finally be mine soon! Unfortunately for me this does not ship outside of the U.S or I would probably own it by now! Luckily though, I am going to the states next week! Hooray! I called the Kansas City UO and they have six in stock so I can't wait to grab one up while I'm there.

What is it about playing records that just seems so much better than cds or ipods? It just feels so much more intimate and old fashioned. So amazing. I can't wait to start myself a record collection either. Here are some I'm thinking of picking up as my first:

The Black Keys album and the Edward Sharpe album are available at UO but She & Him is not :( I'm leaning towards Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros though. I've been really getting into them lately and Home is one of my favourite songs. I'm sure it would be amazing on vinyl.

I can't wait to get it but until then I need to curb my spending a tad. This is extremely hard because look what I found today:

The prettiest blouse I've ever seen! It's from Ruche and it's gorgeous! I'll just have to put it on a back shelf until I get my beautiful record player.

Dream on. Dream on.



  1. that record player is so neat! wouldn't mind playing she & him on that for sure...especially the christmas album. i'm obsessed! very cute blouse too...wear it while you rock! xo.

    1. I do feel like the record player and the shirt were meant to be together (this is why I'm poor...these kinds of ideas in my head!)

  2. like your blog dear,
    keep posting and go for it!!