Friday, 8 June 2012

The Art of Chronicling a Life

Photography has just recently become a passion of mine. It started in one of my media classes when we got assigned a slow media assignment. Basically that meant spending two months using media that was not digital (like a film camera, video tapes, pay phones..ugh) If you haven't already guessed I chose film and purchased for myself the dreamiest camera...the Diana Dreamer (See what I did there?)
Photo via
This little plastic toy camera changed my view on so many things. I found myself stopping to smell the roses...or more accurately, stopping to photograph the roses. Unfortunately the photos turned out prettyyyy ugly because I'm a beginner (yeah I'm gonna blame it on that!)
MOVING ON! For Christmas I got an ipad and discovered the wonderful world of instagram and now I am obsessed. It's my favourite and most used app...EVER! When I finally left the Blackberry world and got an iphone my use probably tripled!
I absolutely love that I have so many photos of my life from the last six months. I am constantly looking through my photos nostalgically and sighing with happiness. Each photo reminds me of such special moments that I would probably never be able to look back on without the photos. That's what is so awesome- if I hadn't taken the photos I would probably forget those "mundane" moments in my life but instead I can look at these photos and remember how blessed I am in so many tiny, little ways.

Here's a few of my favourites in no particular order:

I "baby"sat my sister's dog over the long weekend. I love remembering our walks together
I got a bike this year for the first time I was like...6. Besides being the most beautiful bike I've ever seen I love running around town on it and meeting friends for summer night rides
I went to Hawaii this May with my mom, stepdad and boyfriend. Looking back at these photos helps me remember how incredibly beautiful it really was
Whenever I think about applying for graduate school I remind myself of the mid-exam feeling that made me make this face
I kind of obsessed with chronicling my outfits. Here's a little gem for yah
Sometimes when I'm going nuts with school work I like to remind myself of how amazing just lying in bed at night and reading a good book feels.
Nights with the ladies must, of course, always be remembered
And lastly, I love remembering when I find myself entranced in the little beauties around me.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my life!


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