Friday, 8 June 2012

To Begin With...

Because it's just good manners I'd like to introduce myself!
I'm Taylor! I'm a 20 year old student in Cambridge, ON. For anyone who has NO idea where that is (because let's face it...who cares?) I live about 45 minutes away from the ever beautiful and ever fabulous Toronto. I am about to go into 4th year of university and finally finish off my communications degree after which I hope to become a journalist in the big old city of T.O!
I'm an instagram addict and can almost always be found with my iphone glued to my hand.
I work as a secretary when I'm not hitting the books and besides that TRY to squeeze in some time with the friends and the old boyfriend.

Here are ten random facts about me (cause I know youre SO interested):
1. I love fashion and spend hours on pinterest stalking new ideas
2. Paris is the most gorgeous city on the planet and I basically want to see Paris like Carey Mulligan did in An Education (I mean...could they have made it look any more romantic?)
3.Almost Famous is my favourite movie (It introduced me to Led Zeppelin, Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschannel and the badass lifestyle of rock n' roll..what more can you ask for in one movie?)
4. I've convinced myself that I'm funny enough to be a professional comedian
5. I had a sad addiction with reality tv (The Real World anyone?)
6. I would probably sell my soul for anything Marc Jacobs (I'd have to with my pathetic budget)
7. I believe cupcakes are the best culinary invention of...ever
8. In my humble opinion every outfit should feature one's just ladylike
9. Contrary to all my current girly opinions, I spent my childhood as a giant tomboy (In my opinion these were some of my most stunning years)
10. I obviously think I am interesting enough to have my own blog and I hope you do too!

So I'm VERY new at this blogging thing so give me a little time to figure it out and I will blow your mind (hopefully!)


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