Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekend Update

Here are a couple of things I looked upon this weekend:

Friday I went out with my best friend to finish up getting the boyfriend's birthday present. Of course I had to grab something for myself and those rings were just too adorable to pass up. I went out for dinner with the boyfriend later and afterwards we went for a long bikeride where I snapped the photo of the sunset above. Sometimes I forget how pretty my town can be. Good job Hespeler! You did it!

Saturday I spent the day running around like a maniac trying to get the boyfriend to his surprise party without having him catch on. I swear I developed a nervous twitch that day. The highlight of the day was when the boyfriend decided that he was not feeling the bar and thought maybe he wanted to just stay home...what a life ruiner. Luckily when he found out a lot of people wanted to drink he was in. He showed up at the bar with his friends and it was only me and my two best friends. I dragged him over to a door pretending I had some exciting news. I opened the door behind him and he turned around to find all of our friends screaming "SURPRISE!" Lots of people showed up and he said he had no idea. It was a very successful night and I'm very happy.

Yesterday  was my cousin's fiance's wedding shower (to which I donned my new ring!). It was incredibly boring. I just might not have that girly gene where I think staring at someone opening a cutlery set is interesting but I was ready to leave before I got there. It only lasted a couple of hours and then I came home to have dinner for the boyfriends birthday after which I took him out to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Pretty weird movie, I must say, but entertaining nonetheless. I prefer the vampires of True Blood, sorry Mr. Lincoln.

All together I had a successful weekend. It was very busy and I'm very tired this morning but it was worth it.

I only work three days this weekend and then road trip! VACATION! I can't even believe it! NO WORK! YAY! Counting down the seconds!


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