Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm About to Change Your Life

And when your life is so completely fulfilled just remember who did it for yah...ME! I may be being a bit dramatic right now but this is utterly and completely rad.

Are you Afraid of the Dark? is on Netflix!

Check it:
BOOM! I just blew up your world didn't I? Didn't I? I know.

Basically some of my favourite memories of childhood nights occured while watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? It was so terrifying and I'm not gonna lie...better than Goosebumps. I'M SORRY but Goosebumps did not have the Midnight Society OR Mr. Sardo (Accent on the doh) OR magical fairy dust which ushered in a new story and came in some random old-timey bag that probably held gold coins in the middle ages. Can you tell I love this? If you're not convinced yet "Jason" in Mean know..."Thanks Jason, you can go shave your back now"...WELL he was a member of the Midnight Society. Yeah I

Well now that I have completely geeked out and pronounced my undying love this crazy 90's show I think I will leave you now.

So submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...I call this blog post...DONE!


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