Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sick Days are Terribly Underrated

Instead of working I get to do this all day:

Eat Spaghettios and watch tv in my bed all day! Raddest of the rad.

I have been feeling a little ill as of late and decided that the only way to recover was to just take a day of rest and sleep it off. I slept in until 1 today! It was amazing! 

Generally I feel really bad about taking a day off. I basically feel like I'm never sick enough to warrant a sick day and I usually have so much going on I just don't have time. Today I woke up for work feeling sick and thought about what I would miss out on if I stayed home. The planets aligned because I am caught up on all my work and therefore feel zero guilt about taking a day to feel better.

I also have been cuddeled in bed reading my new book that my sweet boyfriend bought me last night at our trip to the bookstore:

This book is awesome so far. Such a cool story of the odd closeness people experience in suburban life. I'd recommend it so far but I'm only about 50 pages in. I can't wait to see the movie after. 

Eventually I plan on hitting the books but until then you can find me wrapped in in a blanket and just enjoying a day where no one expects a thing from me.



  1. why are shaped spaghetti-o's so much better than the o's?! they just are!

    also that book. you should post about it when you're done! i'm curious to see how other people like it!

    1. Shaped spaghetti-o's are just more fun! When else can you eat Spider Man's head? No where!

      I'll definately write about the book when I'm done! It's so good so far so I'm hoping it stays that way.