Monday, 11 June 2012

Bloggin' Aint Easy

I must first admit...I am SO happy I started a blog. I'm obsessed with you can probably see by the fact that I am posting as often as I can. I love it! I had been throwing the idea around for a long time because I wasn't quite sure what I would blog about or if anyone would care or if my blog would be everything I wanted it to be. When I started making up blog posts in my head about every day events I knew it was time to start one.

But it has been a bit hard. I'm pretty sure at this point I'm the only one who cares about this blog. I haven't told anyone I know about my blog as of yet because it just feels kind of personal so far. I feel like since no one I know has anything but a tumblr they won't understand why I want to chronicle my life on the internet. I know I just started this less than a week ago so I'm trying to just keep posting and hope anyone cares what I have to say. Also I want my blog to be the most beautiful thing EVER! I stare out other peoples' blog layouts all the time now trying to see if there is something else I'd like to change about mine. It's an obsession and I love it!

I hope if I keep focusing on my blog and the enjoyment I'm getting out of writing it now then soon enough others will get some enjoyment out of it as well.

Good news is I created my new theme and I think it's beautiful. The next thing I wanna focus on is a handmade header. Maybe my blog title in handwriting? Who knows.

Until then, if anyone out there is listening I appreciate you!



  1. I just found your blog and I think the layout is really pretty! I know what you mean about blogging, getting started can be hard at times, but it sounds like you have the right attitude! Just comment on lots of blogs, and you will start connecting with bloggers soon. :) I also love documenting my life via my blog. I think because I love the idea that the internet lets you connect with people from all over the world.

    1. Thanks so much! What`s your blog? I'd love to follow along?