Wednesday, 27 June 2012

No Time, That's Fine

Above is a picture to illustrate the fact that I no longer have the strength to get up and do my hair in the morning. Head bands for life! I'm not even going to lie to you, that picture is from last week. Today is much, much rougher, I kid you not. In order to counter balance what is hapenning on my head I wear cute bow rings to remind myself that pretty still exists. Dramatic, yes. Guilty, no! I get a good 15 extra minutes of sleep and that's amazing so there!
Today is FINALLY the last day of work. Can't be happier. What's really freaking me out is all the CRAP I have to do tonight. Dinner with my sister and then watching the soccer game of one of the kids she nannies, grabbing last minute essentials, packing, seeing the boyfriend. AH! No sleep tonight that's for sure.

I have nothing else to report besides my vacation excitement.

Have a fabulous day pals!


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