Monday, 11 June 2012

Tattoo Obsession

So I've kind of been obsessed with looking at tattoos as of lately. I seriously think that tattoos are so cool if done right and can really say alot about a persons style. I envy the fearlessness of people with full sleeves. Unfortunately I am not the lifetime commital type so as of now I'm just looking. Maybe one day I'll take the plunge but the fact that I'll probably find myself in an office enviroment makes me a little wary of getting a tattoo...also I can hardly make it through a day and still like my outfit, how would I be able to make it through my whole life liking the same tattoo?!

I have a serious obsession with bird tattoos...I tend to fancy myself as a free bird. Also I just think they look so inspiring. It makes me want to fly out into the world. explanation is getting a little lame so I'll move on.

Here are some of my current obsessions:

This one is my absolute favourite. So beautiful.

Everything about this one is amazing. The placement is perfect.

I love a good foot tattoo just as much as the next girl

Like I bird baby

I have a serious thing for tattoos in this spot. Just.Awesome.

Birds of a feather...get tattoos together??

Also...this is completely coincidental but look what shirt I'm wearing today:

I am NOT joking around when I say I like the birds people. Yah gotta believe me!

Well, those are my wishes as far as tattoos go. I hope one day I can work up the courage to get, one until then I'll just jealously stare at other peoples'.


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