Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Days

Today I met the most beautiful little bundle of joy that I ever did see. Tessa's niece is absolutely perfect. I held her until my arms ached and then I held her a little more. Usually children don't seem to like me too much, it probably has to do with the volume of my voice piercing their ear drums, but I was nice and quiet for baby Shay and she fell asleep in my arms. It was wonderful. She is a four-day-old wonder!

Today was pretty wonderful. I ignored my school work in an attempt to gain back my sanity. This morning I went out for breakfast with Amanda and her littles. We went to her midwife appointment after and I got to hear the heartbeat of my future nephew. Oh new life, you're all around me. After a very fabulous nap I went over to meet baby Shay and then Tessa and I went to Starbucks to catch up. Boy did I miss her in my life! So glad she's home for this little bit. After dinner, Erika, Tessa and I went to the gym where we worked butts off and then promptly spent a half hour "stretching" (and by stretching I mean sitting on mats and gossiping).

Oh what a wonderful day it has been. I think I have gotten at least some of my sanity back and should be back to hitting the books tomorrow (or maybe I'll put those off just a little while longer!)

Happy Tuesday my friends!


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