Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dress, Meet Sweater

Do you ever feel like you just need to dress up for no reason? That's how I felt on Monday. I was getting ready to drive back to my hometown for the night and I had a comfy outfit all picked out when I decided that it was a day to feel a tad special. So I grabbed some tights, a dress and my favourite sweater and tried to make magic happen.

My dress may have been a tad wrinkly from living in a drawer since the summertime but I still felt pretty dang cute. It was a very comfy outfit, while still feeling a little special.

I high recommend going the dress route to get out of a slump.

In other news: there are only 4 more days left until I go on vacation! I am beyond excited to get out of this miserable cold! On top of that I have a nail appointment Sunday. Can't wait to start the pampering and relaxation! Mostly I can't believe that I'll have 9 days off from BOTH of my jobs. I haven't had this in about six months. It's much deserved.

So don't mind me because for the next few days my mind is going to be focused on palm trees, pina coladas and sun beams!


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