Friday, 17 January 2014

Get Dressed

It's kind of a big deal these days when I actually get myself dressed in something that isn't an outfit for work. Most days I don't even get dressed until I have to get ready for work, where I'm only allowed to wear black and white. I do work today but I felt the need to finally break out my new shirt and cardigan. I'm pretty smitten with the combo as you can see.

What's new with me?

* I've been working a lot (as always)
* I've been getting back into working out (Finally broke out Gillian Michael's 30 Day Shred AND got a two week pass to hot yoga…which is actually the weirdest thing ever. Never sweat so much in my life!)
* We're having a party at our apartment on Saturday so I'm half excited for that/half nervous because it's going to be all my roommates friends which means barely anyone I know (but one of my New Years Resolutions was to put myself out there and meet new people so I'm keeping positive).
* I'm getting my nails done with a girl from work tomorrow. We're so excited. Can't wait to get pampered!

Also: I walked to the liquor store this morning because I won't be able to go before the party.
1. I think it's kind of sketchy to go to the liquor store before 4pm…but I did it anyways
2. I think it's also strange to be carrying a coffee and a bottle of wine (that just shows how I shouldn't have been buying liquor in the morning haha)
3. I got home and looked like this:

Oh the trials and tribulations of wearing a headband. Nat cute.

Anyways kids, I must be off. Gotta go experience the day or whatever.


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