Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fireplaces, Happy Days and Proposals to Jared Leto

Hello gals and pals. Today I am having a wonderfully relaxed day off. My grumpy mood persisted all through yesterday. I just couldn't shake it. It was definitely due to a lack of sleep because after I took a little nap I felt a bit better and now that I'm fully rested today I am my happy self again. Hooray for getting out of that funk.

The picture above is my view today. My mom finally got sick of hearing me complain about the fact that it is WAY too cold in the basement and she got me this fireplace. Apparently it belongs to the apartment though so I have to leave it here when I move out...hopefully within the next year. Cross your fingers for freedom 2013 people!

All day I've been cuddled on the couch getting my readings done and watching Lord of War for 30 minute periods. This is what counts as a break. Mostly I decided to watch it because I have the world's biggest crush on Jared Leto. What a beautiful man! His blue eyes and brown hair are what do it to me. *Jared if you happen to randomly come across this by some act of fate...marry me!!*

Proposals aside, it's been a good day. I'm just a busy bee trying to get all my readings done and what not before Montreal this weekend. So much excitement.

Hope Tuesday is a grump-free day for y'all!


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