Monday, 29 October 2012

Weekend Update

There needs to be more days in the weekend, that's all I have to say!

Friday night I went out for dinner with my mom and stepdad and then spent the rest of the night watching It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia season 7 with Jordan. This is our favourite show of all time. Funniest thing ever made. We are obsessed.

Saturday was spent making Red Velvet brownies with my mom and cleaning my apartment. Erika and I went to Robin's hockey game at night. He was actually on the ice this time!! It's his first year on the team so he usually gets benched, even though he's really good, so we were there to cheer him on for his first game playing this season. They lost :( but it was fun and we got frozen yogurt after. MMM. Basically just get it for all the toppings. Mine was pumpkin flavoured...can you say amazing? Yeah. After that Erika went home and Robin and I went to Jordan's because he had a couple people over. In his drunken stupour Jordan felt the need to put his costume on, since it doesn't seem we will be dressing up this year. He even shaved his beard into mutton chops...shameless. This is his girl-with-her-mother's-alcohol/duck-face pose. Pretty bang-on.

Yesterday I went to church with my sister. I enjoyed the service. Really got me thinking. Sometimes I don't like her church because the pastor can get a little too conservative for my tastes but I've learned to look past that. Best of all, Amanda's belly is getting so big!! I'm dying for the day when I can feel him kick! After that Jordan and I worked out and then awaited this weeks episode of The Walking Dead. Good Sunday!

This morning I am a grumpy gus. I'm very tired, my mom and stepdad are driving me INSANE lately and this rain is expected to hold up into the weekend. No one come near me, I'm a little crazy this morning. Hopefully I can try to thaw my icey demeanour by lunch, no promises though.


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