Thursday, 4 October 2012

I am the Walking Dead

Life has been a bit of a blur this week. I'm running around like crazy and doing anything I can to stay sane. I'm just feeling incredibly exhausted and I do believe that I really am losing my battle against whatever has been going around lately. Oh no.

I went to bed at 11 last night due to pure exhaustion. I woke up at 8 this morning and ran off to the mall with my mom, my sister and the two toddlers she nannies, Everette and Peighton. They are too adorable. When my mom and I came home I hit the books and tried my best to fight my fatigue. After I was done I gave into it and took a nice little nap. I just cannot feel awake these days no matter what I do.

Tomorrow I have a very long day at school hopefully followed by a relaxing night watching scary movies with Jordan. Saturday Me and Erika and Shauna, my two very best friends in the world, are going Oktoberfesting. It's on my Fall 2012 list so that's another thing to scratch off! I'm so excited especially because Shauna moved to Toronto when we all started school 3 years ago so any time we get to play with her is a great time! Sunday is Thanksgiving...and I have a paper due. So harsh. Gonna have to try to fit that in somewhere and then starts midterm season. Prepare to hear more tales about me being incredibly tired and incredibly overworked.

Ohhhh fall, you are so beautiful, but you're wearing me out! Take it easy, okay?


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