Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Obsessing over: keeping warm. Boy, oh boy Canada, you sure decided to get chill early this year. This means that every outfit is planned around a giant sweater and most definitely will be featuring a big, chunky scarf. BRRRR.

Working on: studying! I have a midterm this evening at 5:30. I've been at the library since 8:30 this morning and finally finished writing my study notes. Now all I have to do is memorize them. I'm currently taking a much needed study break to eat, browse blogs and recollect my sanity.

Thinking about: the less-than-stellar wrap I just ate. How hard is it to believe that I don't want chicken on my ceasar wrap? Because of the "impossibility" of this I had to order a BLT and then make it a ceasar which left me a wrap that was about half bacon bits. Who doesn't love a handful of salt in their lunch!?

Listening to: Death Cab for Cutie. They are the perfect studying band. Their songs are perfectly slow and mellow so that they don't distract me from my work. I've already listened to every Death Cab song I have (which is 44) on my ipod twice and do it again before my midterm. Thanks boys.

Wishing for: this week to be over. It seriously is the week from hell. I spent all night Monday reading, all day yesterday studying (I left the library at midnight), all today studying and will be spending every second after my midterm and before bed time tonight studying. I have a midterm and essay proposal due Friday. This means I have a very packed day tomorrow. I am beyond unhappy this week.

It's definitely hump day today people and this hump is a big one to get over. Stay sane my friends


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