Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

First, let me begin by showing you this sweet picture of Dr. Frank-N-Furter looking like a total badass:
Don't dream it kids, be it.'s what I did at the office today:
This...makes no sense. My mom and stepdad have realllyyy jumped the gun on this one. They are seriously making us play xmas music at the reception desk starting tomorrow. They are not giving Halloween the appreciation it deserves. In protest of this I played Halloween music the entire time I put up this damn tree. Monster Mash anyone?

Luckily I'm still in the spirit today:
That's right Halloween, I would never let you down! This shirt reminds me a lot of Pugsly and therefore I really think I should convince Jordan to be Pugsly next year so I can be Wednesday. That girl totally rocks a peter pan collar. I'll probably be Wednesday even if he wont be Pugsly. Hopefully my hair is still black next Halloween! Speaking of, I dyed my hair last night (some brown was coming out to play) and it's the most perfect Halloween shade of black. What good timing I have!

Enjoy your candy my friends!


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