Friday, 12 October 2012

Happy Friday

Hello there people! It's Friday! Be excited!

Today I woke up a half hour late, which actually made me feel very well-rested, but I had a deep conditioning mask in my hair and HAD to shower so I ran around like a mad woman trying to shower and dress and apply make-up. I am currently rocking some ferosh wild lady hair right now. Au natural and it feels so gooood.

I had a three hour class this morning and then came promptly to the library for the coffee and study time you see above. I think (HOPE) that I've got these cue cards memorized. They seem to be sticking pretty well right now but I do have a three hour class before my midterm. Gonna run through them one last time between my walks to class and then just let Jesus take the wheel- as Carrie Underwood might say...maybe.

Tonight instead of seeing Perks around here, Erika and I are gonna see it in Toronto with Shauna because we love her so much that we drive 40 minutes to see her on the reg. Boy am I excited. This will be the second weekend in a row that our trio of best friends has been re-united and know I CAN'T WAIT to see Perks.

Oh, what a happy Friday it has been, even if I do still have a midterm to do.

Enjoy the weekend y'all!


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