Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekend Update

Gooooood Morning my friends! Hope you are having a fine Monday thus far. It was very hard to get out of bed this morning. Leaving the house when it's still dark out is a major bummer!

This weekend was a good one! Friday my 3 hour long class turned into a half hour class because we need to internet to do our presentations and the wifi at our school was out (yesss). I had a class at 4:30 but since I got out at 2pm I naturally decided to skip it and go shopping instead. Pink shirt above was the fruits of my labour. After that Erika and I went to get our nails done. We both got light pink but I wish I'd seen some of their halloween nail art. It may never have fit on my nails but maybe I could have gotten a small bat! I just love being festive! After that we went to out friend Robin's hockey game. He wasn't playing that night, just keeping track of shots, so he got to sit with us. They won in overtime!

Saturday I spent the day doing homework and hanging out with Jordan. A wonderfully lazy Saturday. At 10:20pm we decided we wanted to see Paranormal Activity 4...which started at 10:30! We raced there and got there in perfect timing. Unfortunately the movie was pretty crappy. Not recommended.

Sunday was a very lazy day spent watching New Girl! I ordered it on Thursday afternoon and being the cheapy I am I did the free shipping option. It ended up showing up on Friday at noon. I could not have been any happier! At night Erika, Jordan, Robin and I saw Argo. Prettttyyy good. Such an interesting story. Walking Dead was on so of course me and Jordan made our way to the couch for that and then when he left, more New Girl!

It was a wonderfully lazy weekend filled with friends, movies and lots of smiles.

Happy Monday to you.


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