Friday, 8 February 2013


So...this is happening right now. It's actually ridiculous. The snow is up past your ankles and it came overnight so the plows are not on their game right now (even though we all knew it was coming). I actually don't really have an explanation as to why the plows have been slacking this morning. Maybe because it just keeps coming, they can't keep up with it...yeah, we'll go with that.

Anywho, ALL of the schools in the area have been closed today. That includes universities. If this were any other semester I would be lazing at home right now and in heaven. Usually Friday's are my busiest at school but this semester I thought I was being smart and took all my Friday's off. I just this week started working Friday mornings which means that am at work right now. Unfair. It took me a hour to drive here this morning (its usually about a 20 minute commute). I got on the highway and it was so bad that I had to get off and take the back roads. It's ridiculous. If the world was a fair place the office would be shut down today for everyone's sake but it's not and here I am.

Luckily I have about 2 and a half hours left and then I plan on going home to take a nice warm bath. Driving in this weather is stressful so I need some relaxation and a little something to warm these bones. I have a lot due next week so I plan on lazing around with Jordan tonight while writing a paper. I have no plans of wearing anything but tights and chunky sweaters or doing anything that involves me being outside for more than 60 seconds until this storm clears up.

Stay warm my friends


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