Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bang On

So I have a hair appointment for Tuesday and I believe I'm going to get me some straight across bangs. I reallllllyyyy love bangs. I'm afraid that I can't pull them off or that I'll hate them but I might as well give them a try. If I hate them then my hair will grow back. Just know that this is a brave move for me!

Here are my inpirations:
This was my original inspiration. I am obsessed with these bangs and her messy hair and all the layers and how it falls around her face. My hair obviously isn't this long but I do want it to look kind of messy, and rocker and not like when I had bangs as a child. Muchhhh cooler.
Of course I could never have a post about bangs without the beautiful Zooey. She is the poster child for bangs and when I have them I will probably watch New Girl obsessively for ideas on how to style my hair.
Finally, Alexa Chung deserved to be on this list because 1) she is fabulous and 2) she has the rocker-ish edge that I like. My hair is also about her length so it gives me a better idea of how mine might look.

Well, I'm officially scared but I'm gonna take the plunge on Tuesday so wish me luck.

Au Revior


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