Saturday, 2 February 2013

As of Late

 *I tried out milkmaid hair (as I like to call it) and am smitten. So often I don't try anything new with my hair. It's fun to feel like you're doing something a little special*
 *Coffee is my lifeline and I like to drink it out of Jordan's cup- that's right...I live life on the edge*
*It's a wintery wonderland over here. I'm kind of loving it because it's extra beautiful and gives me an excuse to cuddle up inside*

Today has been a good one. I went over to Jordan's after grocery shopping with my mom and he made me breakfast. It was dee-lish. I'm a pretty incompetent cook and he is amazing so I always love when he cooks for me while I lounge on the couch. How's that for breaking gender roles, huh? I was supposed to read all day but instead I took a nap from 11 to 1:30 (oh man, so good but so unproductive). After that I did get a good amount of reading done before we had to go to my house for dinner. Dinner was delish but sooo greasy so I was glad that Erika and I had plans to go to the gym after. We did the stair climber for forever and it felt After that I came home and cleaned my super cleaned. I dusted basically everything and swept, and vacuumed and Windex-ed. Best feeling. 

I watched New Girl while I was cleaning. Let's take a moment to talk about New Girl. You know how much I love Zooey Deschannel but I'm extra loving this new season mostly because *spoiler alert* Nick and Jess finally are getting together...maybe. They did kiss and it was amazing! So happy. In related news I now have a very serious urge to wear a dress tomorrow. Zooey always does that to me.

Another show I'm obsessed with (maybe more so than New Girl right now) is GIRLS. OH MY LANTA it's effing hilarious. I just watched the fourth episode of second season tonight and died laughing. Marnie is my favourite. So beautiful. SO perfect but I also have a serious love for Shoshanna. Anyone who talks that fast will make me laugh. I am dying to get my hands on these:

Bee-autiful! If you don't watch GIRLS 1) do you live under a rock? 2) DO IT.

Au revior and bonne nuit mes amis


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