Tuesday, 5 February 2013


*Another day of work today. Le sigh*

Obsessing over: my new instagram prints I got from prinstagram. I ordered 24 prints and I love them! I've been wanting to find a way to print mine and the only way I had found previously was by ordering the tiny magnets. I loved the magnets but wanted some actually prints that I could display. They are currently sitting in a vintage tin on my coffee table and I absolutely adore them!

Working on: preparing for hell week. OH MAN am I freaking out already. I mentioned before that I have two midterms, a paper, a quiz and a presentation next week. So scared. I'm just working on catching up on the readings for a class and then I'll be about ready to start studying. It's really crazy how much I have to do in the next five days. I already am planning many endless library trips. Yikes. Most scary of all is that my professor emailed my school email (that I never check) 11 days ago introducing my to my partner for my presentation. I didn't think I was gonna have a partner! I emailed her yesterday right after I got the email and haven't gotten a reply yet. If I don't hear from her by tomorrow I'll just see if I can do my own presentation. So stressful that all my plans have been changed around now. Ick.

Thinking about: spring. I can't quite decide if I'm excited for the next season just yet. I do enjoy longer hours of sunlight, beautiful flowers and the end of another school year but I also love boots and tights and knits and coats oh and NO BUGS. Bugs are the bain of my existence. I had a fruit fly infestation last year that still haunts me. I think I'll just soak up winter as much as I can until it's over. Maybe I am excited for spring now that I think of it! I can't wait to run outside again!

Feeling: super duper sore. Yesterday Erika and I went to a 6am workout class! I know...we're insane. It was my first body pump class in forever. In this class you have the bar and weights and spend an hour doing squats, lunges, and everything you could possibly do to your arms. My legs are KILLING me today. They were already killing me by noon yesterday. I obviously need to do more squats. It feels good though. Sore muscles mean you're doing something right!

Wanting: to bake. If I had more free time I would be baking my life away. I really want to make some cupcakes or try out some healthy dessert recipes. Baking is so fun and I never get to do it anymore because it tends to consume an entire afternoon. 

Wishing for: reading week to get here already. After Hell Week I will have a full week off of school. I thought about working full time that week but I think I might just spend the time reading and relaxing. I think I'll have earned it by then. 

Happy hump day


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