Sunday, 3 February 2013

Homework Hate

Today I am writing an essay and I am very unhappy about it...mostly because I do not understand what the heck I'm writing all. It's for my class Studies in Global Convergence and I'm supposed to write about that Global Convergence is including ideas like Market Concentration, Monopolies...and a lot of other very hard to define ideas. I'm just feeling so confused. Probably as confused as you are just hearing about it now. I'm half done but I'm just feeling like I'm not sure if I'm defining things correctly. I'm really hoping I'm coming across as knowledgeable over here!

Today is the Super Bowl but I don't particularly care. I've never had a big thing for sports and I'm not a huge fan of Beyonce. I'd rather sit around watching my crappy reality tv shows all day while trying to write this paper. Also I'm glad not to be surrounded but the chips, dips and chicken wings that accompany Super Bowl Sunday. I've been having a tough time lately making good food choices so I'm really trying to get back in my groove. I think I might even go for a little run later as a break from this paper.

I hope everyone else is enjoying a lazy Sunday free of homework or any work at all.

Back to the old keyboard for me.


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