Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day of rest?

It's Sunday which is a wonderful and horrible thing. It's wonderful because it's usually a very nice day where no one expects much out of you and it's horrible because Monday is always looming.

Monday feels especially looming today because I have a midterm tomorrow. That's right people, Hell week is almost upon us! I finished my paper for Wednesday and I'm going to revisit it on Tuesday and make some revisions. Now I just have to get my study on for the midterm tomorrow and then immediately get to studying for my Wednesday midterm. After that I have a quiz and then a paper due Sunday. WHAT THE HECK?! It will all be a lot easier once these midterms are knocked out. After that I can focus on one thing at a time. What a luxury!

I started today off with a dee-licious breakfast. Beautiful way to start a Sunday. Now I'm sitting in my office (aka my bed) and getting ready to finish my notes.

Okay I must go. I've got lots to do and not much time for it.


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