Sunday, 2 September 2012

Long Weekends and Thoughts on the Future

Oh long weekends, how I love you. They are so full of possibilities. This one in particular has been pretty wonderful so far. Friday I hit the gym with my best friend and afterward went to a friends house to have some drinks. Saturday the boyfriend and I woke up bright and early to travel three hours away to my Dad's trailer. We spent the day eating BBQ, swimming at the beach and watching Clyde play in the water. Today has been one of those wonderful Sundays where you make no plans but just go where ever the wind blows you but this Sunday is better than the rest because there is no sinking feeling knowing that work is right around the corner. Today I've watched The Hunger Games, painted the trim in my bathroom and gone for a nice long bike ride with just my ipod to keep my company. Oh it's been a good day.

This week is my last week before school starts. I'm feeling both excitement and dread about it. I'm excited to see what my classes and professors are like, to feel fall coming on and to finally start my last year of school but I'm dreading the stress that comes with school, the long hours in the library and the fact that I need to start focusing on finding a REAL job sooner than later. Whether I'm happy about it or not next week will come and all that I can do is be ready!

That's all for now my friends. I do believe there is a nice big bubble bath in my future!


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