Thursday, 30 August 2012

Changes (Updated)

Hello there pals. As you may have noticed, I did a little maintenance on the old blog today. It got kind of confusing so anyone who was on here during that, you have my apologies. It was an impromptu decision which so far I'm feeling happy with. Do you like the new look? Mostly I'm digging the new header font. It's called Homemade Apple and it sounded just too delicious not too use! I also really like the see through post backround. This is the second time today that I've changed my backround. First, I put the flowers all front and center but it was feeling a little busy so I'm trying out a calmer theme. Let me know what you think. Seriously, I'd love some feedback on if you like it or hate it or what you would change/keep! TELL ME!

I've allowed for anonymous comments for those who are shy!

Anywho...Just thought I'd keep y'all filled in.

Have a wonderful day my pretties.


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