Monday, 20 August 2012

Weekend Update

So I had quite the interesting weekend. Friday was pretty relaxed. I bought a new outfit (cute huh!?) and spent the night around a fire with a couple of Friends. Saturday I went over to the best friends house to begin my job of dog sitting. Let me just tell you, it was not what I expected. In my mind the weekend of dog sitting meant lazing around, watching tv and getting to relax. First of all, their internet was not working. I was seriously hoping to get some tumblr time in while I sat around. Instead I realized just how boring being house bound can be. I got a little bit of cabin fever and no amount of old seasons of Gossip Girl or Grey's Anatomy could cure me. The biggest problem was that the dog is the devil. Don't be fooled by it's adorable appearance, this dog is a little demon. It's incredibly hyper, it bites and is just an idiot. I brought it out of it's room a total of three times and all three times it peed on the rug. The most annoying part of this is the fact that I had taken it out each time before it came in the house! I banished it to it's room for the rest of the time. Saturday was the hardest because it kept eating grass and making itself sick which was both disgusting and annoying. Since it's a puppy I was literally taking it out every 30 minutes. It took me six tries to get through a movie. Also, I needed to wake up every three hours during the night to take it out and then at 7am to feed it. This job was so much harder than I expected. The worst part was that my best friend and her family didn't return home from Montreal last night until midnight at which point I had to drive home and then get some sleep before I had work this morning. I'm really not suprised that I slept through my alarm this weekend. It was just a tough weekend that I had expected to be relaxing.

Some good parts about this weekend: my friend lives in the country so I went for the most amazing jog yesterday. It was about 4K and the views were gorgeous and the breeze coming over the fields felt amazing. The boyfriend came to visit me a couple of times so I was very excited to see him since I was SO bored. Me and the pup went on a little walk of their property and took in some nice views. Finally, it felt nice to do a favour for a friend.

This week is going to be all about catching up on sleep!  This is my last week of full time before I go down to a day and half next week. I couldn't be any happier. Also, guess's my birthday in 7 days :)

Goodbye pals.


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