Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Obsessing over: TEA! I've been drinking it non-stop! In Ottawa I found the most glorious tea store where you could get 10 tea bags for a dollar. I obviously got 20, plus some loose leaf tea, plus a tea infuser, plus the tea bag plate above, plus a new travelers mug. SO much goodness.

Working on: nothing, and it feel so good! This week has been my first week without school. I love coming home and being able to do whatever I want. I hit the gym last night with my best friend and then caught up on some tv. The perfect night.

Thinking about: going to see my best friend's new pup tonight! Her and her family are fostering a guide dog and they got it yesterday. It's the cutest little poodle named June. I filled out some paperwork yesterday to see if I was elligable to foster too, so we will see if they get back to me.

Listening to: Of Monsters and Men, on repeat. Ever since I brought their record home I've been spinning it constantly. It's so good.

Wishing for: this week to be over so I can get the weekend started. Luckily I only work a half day today and then I'm at the office alone on Friday which means lots of doing nothing. Hooray for that!
I've been feeling super inspired these last few days. I've been wanting to take pictures of everything because I've been seeing beauty everywhere. I'm also feeling some serious urges to art journal. I bought a Smash journal a few months ago and have only done one page since. Finally, the boyfriend bought me the most beautiful leather bound journal for an early birthday present. It has my initials engraved on it. I just want to start writing in it NOW but it feels so special I don't want to ruin it. I think I'll start writing in it tonight! See, I feel like I need to write, and capture and create so much lately but I love it!

Anyone else feeling the inspiration bug these days?


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