Thursday, 30 August 2012

Obsessing over: school supplies. I don't know if I'm just a weirdo or what but I have a sick obsession with school supplies. Oh how I love pencil cases and pens, notebooks and post-its.Planners are my absolute favourite. I love having a beautiful planner so much that I sometimes go through a few a school year because I'll find a new one that completely trumps my current one. Maybe it's the Type A in me but there's something so comforting about having your entire life fit perfectly into these little boxes where you can see exactly what needs to get done. There's also something completely stressful about seeing those looming deadlines but hey, that is life as a student. I'm currently lusting over a giant pack of sharpie pens in every colour. Writing my notes in orange or teal or even pink always seems to make it a little easier to stay awake in class.

Working on: some art journaling. I bought a Smash journal months ago and haven't really given it much attention. Last night I did a page and now I'm getting the urge to do more! It's so great to just sit down and do something completely for you. It's even better that I actually have time to do these things now that I'm only working 12 hours a week.

Thinking about: The Hunger Games. You probably don't know this about me yet but I am completely obsessed. I saw the first movie and immediately ran out and bought all three books, which I devoured at record speed. Allow me to geek out on you for a quick minute: Katniss is one of the best heroines ever. Yes I'm aware there are way better heroine's in the history of literature but as far as modern day badass ladies go, she's pretty up there. She's brave as hell, tough and generally just...awesome. She doesn't spend her day thinking about stupid boys or devote all of her time to worrying about the love triangle she has found herself in like other ladies of literature *cough* BELLA *cough*. She's not the least bit helpless and I just think that she's finally a female character who girls can look up to, not because of her looks or her ability to make men fall in love with her, but because of her bravery, strength and character. Geek out  is over now. (Ps the moral of that story was supposed to be that I bought it and plan to watch it tonight...I just got a little worked up there. My apologies).

Listening to: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I must admit that their album Here is not as good as Up From Below but I am warming up to it.

Wishing for: a wonderful long weekend! It's not actually a special weekend for me because I don't work Mondays or Fridays anyways but everyone else will get to play with me! I'm going to the beach on Saturday so I'm excited for that even though it will be slightly sad because it will be like saying one last goodbye to Summer for the year. Oh well, fall is near and that means new boots, leather jackets and giant wool sweaters.

Before I leave I must introduce you to the star of my picture, Clyde. He's my sister's dog and he is the best dog to ever walk the planet, seriously. He's so nice and gentle and he just likes to lay around and let you pet his belly. When my sister brings the two year olds over to her house to see him he just sits really nice while they stroke him with their tiny toddlers hands and sometimes he licks their little fingers and makes them giggle. Man he is just the best. We tell my sister that her and her husband are probably going to have an insane child because they just got too lucky with Clyde.

Enjoy your weekends my cyber surfing friends!


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